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During this session, participants will explore the new OASIS version, OASIS E. This session will cover the proposed modifications, changes, deletions and qualify measure changes from OASIS D1 to OASIS E. These changes were proposed, per CMS, in a release on March 18, 2020 and, if implemented, would be the most sweeping changes since the inception of OASIS in 2000. Join a home health veteran to get a head start on learning and mastering the new OASIS E.  Speakers/Course Authors - Apryl Swafford  Read More

During this session we will cover the history, characteristics, and the patient qualifications related to palliative care. We will also discuss palliative care in comparison to hospice and the benefits palliative care in a community setting can provide to patients, families, caregivers, and the healthcare system.  Speakers/Course Authors - Becky Tolson Read More

Course Author: Kim Smoak  Read More

Discussion about Women and Retirement. We’ll talk about the challenges women face. How to plan for a more financially secure retirement. What you should do right now. And we’ll save some time at the end for questions.  I would also like to add to the presentation a Case Study about why having a good retirement plan helps attract, retain and education employees on saving for their retirement.  I have spoken with Linda Ward President & CEO of Gulfside Healthcare Services and she has agreed to co-present with me and use Gulfside Healthcare Services as our Case Study.  Speakers/Course Authors - Jeanne Tyre & Linda Ward  Read More

This timely program, presented by Optimum RTS' John Dalton, is designed to give both managers and employees the tools necessary to both train and implement 5-star quality customer service in their professional lives. This training will cover several proven ways to improve the overall customer service within your organization and additionally focus on etiquette when interacting with employees and management.   Course Author: John Dalton, BA  Read More

Innovation often starts with industry leaders, but several best practices can be identified from within your organization and implemented in order to foster growth and creativity. Empowering employees to bring forth their ideas creates a culture that encourages an innovative environment. In this session, we will discuss how to provide a platform to recognize innovative and exceptional programs in your organization.  Course Author: Patricia Drea & Sherry McGowan  Read More

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