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Medicare and Medicaid promise to be in spotlight in Washington in 2018. With budget proposals that reduce spending by a combined $1.5 trillion in Medicare and Medicaid, it is certain that home care and hospice will be in the discussion on Capitol Hill and in the Administration. It can also be expected that 2018 will include an acceleration of health care delivery and payment initiatives tied to value and care quality. This session will provide a forecast for potential health policy changes and how the home care community will engage on the issues with strength and commitment to continue the push for expanding home care as a viable solution in the next generation of health care. Course Author: William A. Dombi, Esq. Read More

What is a case manager's role? Isitsimply to assess, facilitate, and coordinate services? Or isitto be supportive, bring value, and have a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s needs? Case managers play an important role in supporting patients and their families. Patient care is not routine, and care coordination needs to meet changing needs. In this session, we will discuss how the role of the case manager is integraltoquality of care. Course Instructor - Christina Nuqui Read More

Change is all around us. Home health is in regulatory overload. The problem is, nobody likes change! In this interactive presentation we will discuss all the changes that have happened to us as an industry, what changes are coming, and how not only to survive, but to thrive. Less than one week into the new Conditions of Participation, and we are all change hyperdrive. How are YOU managing? One thing is for sure: Home health of the past is NOT the home health of the future. We will discuss staff buy-in, and how to boost morale in the environment of constant change. Course Authors: J'non Griffin & Marvin Javellana Read More

Home Health Providers will continue to confront home care reforms that repackage their care in terms of "Volume to Value" changes. In addition, to changes such as the recent COP updates, Med Pac proposals and CMS data concerns demonstrate the inevitability of future payment reforms for Home Health Providers. Agencies seeking success in the future must rewire care processes in CMS value terms, and this represents a difficult culture shift for both clinicians and their managerial staff. This progressive and interactive presentation from a leading Home Health expert will lead you down the road to success in the value era. Course Instructor - Kimberly McCormick Read More

This informative presentation will provide an overview of topics employers can and can't ask abouton employment applications andininterviews. The talk will include questions from actual applications with examples of permissible and non-permissible inquiries, as well as how to re-phrase questions to suit your needs. The lecture also will include a discussion of new laws for 2018 such as Ban The Box regarding prior criminal convictions and laws prohibiting inquiries into salary history. The presentation will be highly interactive and include ample opportunities for audience questions and comments. Read More

"Now is the time of the aging Baby Boomers!  As this population ages, the home care industry will see consistent growth.  We must continue to have great outcomes, decreased cost and happy patients.  In the coming years, the expectation for quality of care will continue to increase and we must be prepared to efficiently and effectively meet the challenge.   In this session, we will discuss RN Delegation of nursing tasks in the state of Texas.  The regulatory change took place in Texas in 2001.  Our speaker will discuss the pros and cons that she has experienced with this provision of care during that time." Read More

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