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In this day and age of high deductible health plans and insurance companies pushing more and more of the financial responsibility to patients, healthcare providers need to know and understand the importance of making patients priority #1 when it comes to getting reimbursed. We will give them the guidelines and tools needed to be proactively pursuing payment BEFORE services are done or at the time of service compared to, in the olden days, of sending a statement a month or 2 after services and been performed.   Speakers/Course Authors - Petria McKelvey-Pierre Read More

This educational presentation explores the respiratory anatomy, systems, diseases and coding guidelines for each. In addition, the learner will learn the very detailed guidance from the Complete Home Health ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding Manual when coding COVID-19 and related illnesses. Teaching methods include practical case scenarios, group discussion and questions and answers.   Speakers/Course Authors - Nanette Minton  Read More

Marketing, making connections, and building referral relationships can be expensive and time consuming…but it doesn’t have to be. In this presentation you will learn how to market your brand and build authority through consistent, repeatable systems based off streamlined operations, touch-point connections, and collaborative engagements that produce results.    Speakers/Course Authors - Jessica Nobles  Read More

The Start of Care visit presents challenges: establish rapport with patient/family, assess all aspects of the patient, provide essential education, meet the CoPs, answer OASIS items accurately, document completely, contact the physician for approval, coordinate care with others... the expectations seem endless! Lisa and Teresa walk you through the process and share tips to successfully navigate the Start of Care visit.    Speakers/Course Authors - Teresa Northcutt & Lisa Selman-Holman  Read More

While the goal of submitting claims in the Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) project is to obtain provisional affirmation or payment, not all claims may end up achieving this status.  At that time the home health agency is faced with a choice of what to do with the claim: write it off as non-billable or appeal and seek payment. Even with the unlimited ability for resubmission under Pre-Claim Review (Choice 1), some claims will not achieve a provisional affirmation status. If the home health agency feels strongly for coverage, submitting the claim for final billing will generate an automatic denial. And for the Additional Development Request (ADR) prepayment (Choices 2, 5) and postpayment (Choice 4) options, an unfavorable decision only gives one option to obtain payment: appeal the denial. This presentation provides an overview of the RCD choices, agency options for a non-affirmed or denied claim, and preventive measures that minimize chances of an unfavorable RCD claim submission. This uses common denial reasons (applicable to the ADR choices) and non-affirmation reasons (for pre-claim reviews) and addresses how to prevent these for a smoother RCD experience. The process for filing appeals is also covered. Some areas covered include physician face-to-face (F2F) issues, certification deficiencies, and the most common medical necessity denials, including therapy documentation.   A thorough walk-through of F2F encounter requirements and how the F2F content links with PDGM payment and possible denials or non-affirmations is covered.  How these are applied to appeals for denied claims is presented.   Speakers/Course Authors - Joe Osentoski  Read More

The hiring process can be a heavy lift if you are not taking key steps to ensure effective search. From cultivating and vetting candidates through interviews, evaluation and selection, Eric Scharber will help make your next organizational hire a more timely and successful effort, paving the way for successful onboarding of a new team member for maximum impact. Explore timing, approaches and lessons learned from over 20 years of experience in the Staffing / Recruiting and Executive Search industry.    Speakers/Course Authors - Eric Scharber  Read More

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