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Representatives from Tellus, the technology provider for Florida's Agency for Healthcare Administration Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution, will provide an overview of the EVV program rolling out in Florida next year, and demonstrate the value of implementing EVV at your agency whether you bill government as a payor or not. Attend this session to gain insight into improving accountability and outcomes for patients/clients. Read More

This session will highlight the value accreditation provides customers and clients of the agency. Creating a culture of compliance is a necessary but often daunting challenge for consumers. Preparing for an accreditation survey creates a culture of compliance by setting expectations based on industry practices and guidelines. Read More

Many private duty agencies struggle in managing the nuances between non-medical and medical care. Oversight of private patients can be a high risk area for non-compliance with state law and licensing requirements. In this session, the speaker will outline the role of the case manager within the private duty agency, as well as detail how the position functions within the team. Read More

This session will take a deep dive into the contractual requirements of Medicare managed care plans. This session will outline the necessities of the verification/authorization processes and appropriate coding/billing practices in order to get paid by these managed care plans. Significant missteps often leave agencies in the situation of writing off balances instead of collecting payment. This session will highlight some key components of working with plans such as CareCentrix to get the claim paid the first time you bill it. Don’t be left in the dark regarding Medicare managed care! Read More

This session addresses non-compete agreements in the context of the home healthcare industry: (i) whether they make sense for certain employees; (ii) the extent of their enforceability; (iii) important provisions that are often missing; (iv) steps to assess potential breaches and to enforce the agreement; and (v) best practices for onboarding and defending hires who are subject to another non-compete. Read More

Cybercrime is one of the top economic crimes in the world, with cost estimates soon to reach into the trillions. Not only have victim demographics expanded from the large well-known organizations to the small and mid-sized, healthcare providers are now a consistent target. The recent ransomware attacks, and threats of more to come, have raised questions regarding security and available protection mechanisms.  This presentation will review the critical areas of concern within your environment, provide insight, and offer tools to defend against these attacks. It will also focus on recovery and the importance of preparing for data loss. Read More

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