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2020 brought a complete restructuring of sales to adjust to the new pandemic realities.  We can never go back to the old way of selling. With that in mind, home health and hospice agencies need to create a new sales mindset, one that uses what we've learned and prepares them for 2021 and beyond. Join Mike Ferris, home health and hospice sales expert, and Holly Miller, Chief Revenue Officer, PlayMaker Health, for an interactive fast paced session on creating a high-performing sales team from the inside out. Course Author: Michael Ferris & Holly Miller Read More

If you can’t find and keep caregivers, you can’t serve your clients and grow your agency. It’s as simple as that.  Today, there is a major crisis facing Home Health agencies, Hospices, and Home Care companies.  There are simply not enough front-line caregivers - nurses, therapists, home health aides, and personal caregivers - to meet the huge demands of our aging population and a highly competitive in-home care marketplace. Course Author: Nancy Allen & Stephen Tweed Read More

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, likely forever. More businesses than ever have grown comfortable with the idea of a remote work force and have shifted office staff and others to permanent remote work.  Furthermore, employees are looking to stay with or transfer to companies that will allow them the flexibility of working from home, having realized the value of remote work. A remote work force has its own challenges, however – how do you know your remote workers are satisfied? Are you getting the feedback needed from your team to ensure the continued success of your agency? Join seasoned HR professional, Greg Henderson, as he shares his expertise in creating a company culture that will inspire feedback from staff, thereby increasing employee engagement and lowering turnover. Course Author: Greg Henderson Read More

Palmetto GBA’s objective is to have educated and astute providers who know how to accurately and skillfully apply the information they learn to their documentation and billing practices. This workshop is designed to equip home health providers and their staff with the tools to achieve this, with a focus on coverage, documentation requirements, the most common billing errors, and hints and tips to avoid them. Additionally, this workshop will focus on current hot topics that include RCD, how to successfully navigate eServices, RAP changes, final rule updates for 2021 and much more! This workshop will provide insight for home health agency staff at all levels so don't miss this opportunity to hear directly from your Medicare Administrative Contractor and get answers to your questions. Course Author: Elizabeth Brogdon, Charles Canaan, MaKisha Pressley-Callaham & Cara Wilkins Read More

Overwhelmingly, patients want to receive care in their home. This reality has been accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic, as many patients opt for care in the home rather than care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF).  As a result, more and more healthcare organizations are adopting SNF-at-Home models of care, where home health agencies seek to provide care for higher acuity patients in their home - patients that would have formerly gone to SNF. It is estimated that 25% short-stay SNF patients could be cared for with this model - one that has the power to increase patient convenience, reduce costs and improve quality of care.  This new model is especially relevant for wound care patients, who often require complex, chronic care for extended periods of time - with a wound taking 311 days to heal on average. It is believed that approximately 40% of SNF-at-Home patients will require wound expertise, either because of a past wound, a present wound or because they are at high-risk of developing a wound.  Home health agencies that develop a SNF-at-Home program that focuses on wound care will have a unique opportunity to expand their business, develop trusted partnerships with referral partners and, most importantly, help more patients receive care in the setting they prefer the most - their own home. This presentation will provide best practices, techniques and case studies to help home health agencies evaluate and implement wound care focused, SNF-at-Home programs. Course Author: Amy Cassata & Siobhan Gomis Read More

Caring for others is already challenging.  The recent experiences of our country and world have made doing so that much more difficult.  As we seek to recover and rebuild our world, our industry, and ourselves what lessons can we carry forward to create a new and healthier way of doing healthcare?  This presentation will discuss the challenges we have faced within and without, the pain points made that much more clear by recent crises, and what post-traumatic growth and emotional intelligence can teach us about ways to not simply get through but thrive beyond to a healthier future. Course Author: Dr. Carla Cheatham Read More

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