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In this edition of HCAF’s Private Duty Lunch Chat, join us for an insightful recorded Zoom session that delves into the critical aspects of Recruitment, Retention, and Company Culture – key pillars that shape the success and sustainability of any organization.   Our guest speaker this month is Victor Hunt, CEO/Co-Founder of Ava. He unravels the intricacies of building and sustaining a dynamic workforce and fostering a positive company culture. Whether you're an HR professional, business leader, or an aspiring Private Duty entrepreneur, this session is designed to equip you with actionable insights to propel your organization forward.   Speakers/Course Authors - Amy Cassata & Siobhan Gomis Read more

This recorded webinar will cover interpreting how the calculation of the Discharge Function Score works for administrators and clinical leadership, as well as instructions for accurately coding the GG items using real-world scenarios and focusing on the most misunderstood aspects of the GG items for clinical leadership and clinicians.   Speakers/Course Authors - Jennifer Osburn & Melinda Gaboury Read more

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states, “Violence in health care is more widespread than any other industry.” The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) “asserts that violence can be addressed with appropriate controls in place”. In response to the increasing risks, home care organizations must learn to develop and implement appropriate policies and protocols. This webinar will bring practical recommendations to limit liability to the provider,  risk to the worker, and increase safety in home care with a proactive prevention program.   Speakers/Course Authors - Nancy E. Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC Read more

Executives from Concierge Homecare, Gaffey Nursing Services, HealthRev Partners and Forcura explored how home health agencies who modified processes to be compliant with Review Choice Demonstration also benefitted operationally, financially and clinically across all their service lines. Course Instructor: Kim Gaffey, Linda Murphy, Stephanie Henchey, Michelle Mullins, Kate Warnock Read more

At the height of medical review scrutiny in home health, agencies are struggling to know where to focus in avoiding denials.  This recorded webinar will highlight the current top denials and specific documentation tweaks that if implemented will assist in avoiding denials if the chart is medically reviewed.    Speakers/Course Authors - Melinda Gaboury  Read more

In this edition of HCAF’s Private Duty Lunch Chat, we will discuss the evolving landscape of health care and the crucial role that non-medical providers can play as supportive partners to other stakeholders in our industry.   As the health care landscape shifts towards value-based care, it's essential for non-medical providers to proactively prepare for this transformative change. Guy Tommasi, a seasoned expert in the field, will share invaluable insights into why and how non-medical providers should embrace this shift in care assessment and payment methodologies. Highlights to be included: Strategic Partnerships: Non-medical providers can play a significant role as supportive allies to other health care providers and stakeholders. These collaborative efforts can enhance overall patient care and help grow your business. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Data is critical in the era of value-based care. Learn about key data points that non-medical providers should start collecting to demonstrate their value proposition. Gain practical insights on utilizing this data to communicate effectively with referral sources, payors, and collaborating providers. Future-Proof Your Services: Align your services with the changing expectations of the industry, ensuring sustainability and success. Start thinking about how to stay ahead of the curve and position your non-medical services for success in the era of value-based care. Join us for an engaging online recording that promises to get you thinking towards the future.    Speakers/Course Authors - Guy Tommasi  Read more

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