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Now is the time to prepare your holiday hiring strategy. This webinar is built for recruiters, owners, and anyone involved in the hiring process of front-line caregivers in a home care or senior living setting. We'll explore: Latest holiday hiring trends and what to expect How different age groups search for work around the holidays What matters most to job seekers when applying for a job in November and December Fresh ideas to activate more candidates How to apply new ideas to recruit in the real world   Speakers/Course Authors - Melissa Mann  Read More

HCAF's 4th Annual Private Care Symposium Live Recording! This session explores every aspect of the current Emergency Temporary Standards issued by OSHA and provides up-to-date information on how these standards affect your business.  Course Author: Greg Henderson  Read More

HCAF's 4th Annual Private Care Symposium Live Recording! This session features a panel of experts to discuss the current state of legislative affairs, including HCAF's focus for the upcoming legislative session  Course Author: Bobby Lolley, Kyle Simon, Jimmy Card, FL Representative Joe Harding, GA Representative Jesse Petrea  Read More

HCAF's 4th Annual Private Care Symposium Live Recording! This session features a panel of legal experts from the Florida Health Care Law Firm, sharing the latest laws, rules and regulations you need to be aware of in order to stay compliant.  Speakers/Course Authors - Jeff Cohen, Esq., Dave Davidson, Esq., Susan St. John, Esq.  Read More

What’s all the buzz about creating trusts for your home care agency? We are not sure of the source, but it seems there’s been a lot of buzz about trust entities lately among our members. You should consider this decision very carefully and be aware of the possible consequences. HCAF is here to help clear some of the confusion and eliminate rumors and myths. We are bringing together local legal and accounting experts from our industry to help explain some of the terminology, considerations, challenges, and guidelines that you might want to consider before moving a portion or all your business assets into a trust. During this webinar program, participants will learn about the legal, accounting, and tax implications of creating a trust for your agency. Speakers/Course Authors - Andrew Kent, Esq., CVA, CHC; Bob Slaby, CVA; Susan St. John, Esq.  Read More

This webinar will explore current federal and state rules and regulations surrounding telehealth, telecom, and virtual visits. We will discuss key skills needed to effectively conduct a virtual clinical visit. SimiTree Healthcare Consulting will demonstrate how tele-technology can provide an ROI to help manage your bottom line and improve patient/family satisfaction.    Speakers/Course Authors - Laura Wilson RN, BSN, COS-C  Read More

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