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The Finance Pillar - Hospice course is the Finance Section of the Successful Clinical Manager - Hospice course which focuses on the 5 Pillars© of Knowledge that a clinical manager needs - Regulatory, Finance, Clinical, People and Technology from the longer Successful Clinical Manager Course. This shorter course will provide you with a basic understanding of the financial operations for hospice agencies, taught by an expert in this area. You'll learn about revenue, expense and reimbursement along with budgets and KPIs that are essential to know to manage successfully. It's important not only to understand how these aspects contribute, but also have insight on how the clinical manager role can make improvements and influence an effective revenue cycle. Valuable information for new and aspiring clinical managers! Read More

This course is for you if you are: - A new or aspiring clinical manager - Currently in the role wanting to expand expertise - A home health agency looking to provide a solid base for their management team The training addresses the Five Pillars © of Knowledge Regulatory, Finance, Clinical, People and Technology as well as interaction with business processes. It's what you need to know. You will leave the course with a solid foundation of knowledge on the role and the responsibility with agency processes. You will also have your own personal work plan developed to continue your professional development. Provided by an expert with nearly 30 years in the industry and 14 years and counting of experience working with dozens upon dozens of home health agencies and hundreds of clinical managers as a national clinical operations consultant helping agencies succeed. An author of 2 books on clinical management, Julia Maroney RN MHSA has spoken at many national (NAHC, HHFMA, NHPCO), regional and state conferences teaching others best operational practices. Read More

Approximately 88% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses. Do you know what current and past patients/clients are saying about your business? Are you maximizing your online reputation? A robust online presence is a valuable tool in your referral pipeline and can help drive business growth. According to’s Reviews Influence Case Study: Value of a Home Care Agency Review, each online review is worth $4,231 in increased revenue!   In this webinar, Darin Ellsworth of Home Care Pulse will discuss the importance of online reviews and how to establish and maintain a reputable online presence.    Speaker/Course Author - Darin Ellsworth Read More

MANAGEMENT ONLY. DO NOT ASSIGN TO CLINICIANS. This progressive, four-part webinar series for Home Health Administrators and Owners addresses Home Health challenges related to IMPACT Act reforms. Learn the effects of specific IMPACT Act reforms, and operational processes that address each reform to produce improved Clinical and Fiscal outcomes. Gain insight into the following areas: How the Patient-Driven Groupings Model(PDGM) outcomes can exceed PPS era results The why and how of Value-Based care programs Addressing the Home Health Culture Change required for success How VBP Expansion regulations are the natural enemy of Home Health recertification How to employ Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS)-E to better outcomes under the PDGMWhy the PAC PPS will alter Home Health Utilization for acute care episodes How the PAC PPS will modify all Home Health programming How to lead your referral sources through the changes   With a Value-Based Home Health platform as the basis of the rewired Acute Care Episode that goes into effect in 2025 under the PAC PPS, now is the time to transition your agency for success. Home Health Providers who successfully complete this transition learn how to replace home care volume practices with real-time clinical management, and they report improved employee satisfaction as a result. Make sure you attend this important webinar series and start your journey on the Value path required for Home Health success today.   Speaker/Course Author - Arnie Cisneros; Kim McCormick Read More

Combine the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) and their case-mix classification model, the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) and you’ve got a competitive race as Medicare-certified home health agencies are going to find! Agencies are pitted against each other and given incentives for better quality care under the HHVBP while being forced to survive under the rate cuts and constant scrutiny of the PDGM model. CMS simultaneously seeks to enhance the current public reporting process and the outcome measures associated. January 2023 is the first month of the nationwide HHVBP rollout, but Florida was part of the “flying start” by being part of the demonstration project. Will that make a difference in Florida in the nationwide race? In this mega, dual-turbo presenter session, the home health final rule brief update to the rates and changes to the PDGM key components will be reviewed and analyzed. We will also review the pre-implementation reports from HHVBP and how agencies can use those moving forward and analyze how the HHVBP model affected outcome scores for every provider. Draft on Chris Attaya of Strategic Healthcare Programs’ knowledge and interpretations from his heavy lifting and breakdown of statistical findings and benefit from his forecasts and guidance for your agency. Melinda Gaboury of Healthcare Provider Solutions will present her knowledgeable, very frank, and clear insights and suggestions on how to implement improvements within your agency and win the race. Read More

Happy New Year! With shrinking margins, rising inflation, and increasing payor complexities, now is the perfect time of year to think about shifting the strategic planning of your revenue cycle management into high gear! Let’s hit the track with Todd Montigney of SimiTree and start tracking the revenue for our patients even before the intake process begins, all the way through to the final payment on their accounts. Learn how to keep your eyes on the road and execute and manage all the administrative and operational functions that contribute to the capture and collection of patient revenue. Special insights and cautionary road signs to watch for will be highlighted for each step of the process, making you the champion of collecting all the revenue you are entitled to. Read More

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