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This informative and comprehensive presentation will cover the most pressing COVID-related questions. Topics will include requiring or "encouraging" caregiver COVID vaccinations and the wage and hour and employment law issues involved, client requests for vaccinated caregivers, dealing with COVID clients, and COVID-related leaves of absence. We also will engage the audience by soliciting questions before the presentation to answer during our talk.   Speakers/Course Authors - Robert King Read More

Every successful team has a playbook. Your organization should too! Hear from experts how to create a playbook to ensure your sales and marketing team employ the best practices to compete in the marketplace to grow your business.    Speakers/Course Authors - Melynda Lee Read More

In this day and age of high deductible health plans and insurance companies pushing more and more of the financial responsibility to patients, healthcare providers need to know and understand the importance of making patients priority #1 when it comes to getting reimbursed. We will give them the guidelines and tools needed to be proactively pursuing payment BEFORE services are done or at the time of service compared to, in the olden days, of sending a statement a month or 2 after services and been performed.   Speakers/Course Authors - Petria McKelvey-Pierre Read More

This educational presentation explores the respiratory anatomy, systems, diseases and coding guidelines for each. In addition, the learner will learn the very detailed guidance from the Complete Home Health ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding Manual when coding COVID-19 and related illnesses. Teaching methods include practical case scenarios, group discussion and questions and answers.   Speakers/Course Authors - Nanette Minton  Read More

Marketing, making connections, and building referral relationships can be expensive and time consuming…but it doesn’t have to be. In this presentation you will learn how to market your brand and build authority through consistent, repeatable systems based off streamlined operations, touch-point connections, and collaborative engagements that produce results.    Speakers/Course Authors - Jessica Nobles  Read More

The Start of Care visit presents challenges: establish rapport with patient/family, assess all aspects of the patient, provide essential education, meet the CoPs, answer OASIS items accurately, document completely, contact the physician for approval, coordinate care with others... the expectations seem endless! Lisa and Teresa walk you through the process and share tips to successfully navigate the Start of Care visit.    Speakers/Course Authors - Teresa Northcutt & Lisa Selman-Holman  Read More

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