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The benefits of Electronic Visit Verification are more than just time and attendance! In home care, fraudulent activity not only puts an agency's future at risk, but it negatively impacts the client that needs and deserves the services they are authorized to receive. Course Author: Shane Krauss Read More

It’s been over a year since home care providers were to have fully implemented the emergency preparedness requirements, and unfortunately, what a year it has been! In 2018, the U.S. experienced the deadliest wildfire in California and the worst hurricane to hit the east coast since 1969. In the midst of an emergency is not the time to review and revise your agency’s plan. Now is the time to do it in order to ensure you are meeting the mandatory requirements and, more importantly, to ensure your plan is the most reliable it can be in the event that you to activate it in 2019.  Speakers/Course Authors - Lisa Meadows Read More

The Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) is the most significant change to the home health payment reform in the past two decades. The impact from PDGM is expected to significantly shift service delivery and will change the structure of home health reimbursements. Two key components for calculating payment under PDGM will be clinical group assignment and comorbidity adjustment, thus making ICD-10 coding more important than ever. The need for specific diagnoses is not limited to the primary diagnosis section. PDGM introduces a co-morbidity adjustment that is calculated from up to 24 diagnoses that follow the primary reason home care is tracking the patient. The co-morbidity adjustment can increase reimbursement up to 20%. Specificity and accuracy in ICD-10 will be critical. The long-held practice of accepting whatever patient information physicians deem to send agencies for referrals — because “that’s all they have,” will no longer be an option under PDGM. Join the experts from BlackTree Healthcare Consulting as they take a deeper dive into the detail of PDGM clinical groupings and co-morbidity adjustments. This training will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the challenge’s agencies will face with these two key components in PDGM and how best to prepare for a smooth transition.  Course Author - Robin Seidman Read More

Coding will be of utmost importance with the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM). If you get the primary diagnosis to fall into a category, is it the correct category and are you capturing the co-morbidity adjustment you are due? In this webinar, we will discuss the differences in coding in house and outsourcing. If you code in-house what is your back up plan? If you outsource, how do you know it’s correct? Know the right questions to ask. Make informed decisions about what is the right path to take going forward for the Review Choice Demonstration, PDGM, and outcomes.  Speakers/Course Authors - J'non Griffin Read More

HCAF's Director of Private Duty Services, Kristen Wheeler, will refresh your memory about the state's requirements for your Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. All of the current regulations will be discussed as well as reviewing the new process for plan submission and what the Department of Health and AHCA expect from you. Course Author: Kristen Wheeler Read More

Imagine having the tools and confidence to "trigger" the referrals YOU WANT: the ones that are "sticky" (that means they stay on service a "long" time) and the clients that receive the GREATEST IMPACT from your services!  Discover how to increase referrals from your existing customers and to break through to new referral sources.   The only way to do this is to rise above the noise of all your competitors by delivering new value.  When you do this, you unlock a fountain of referrals that are currently going to your competition or discover untapped patients who are not even getting referred. Join Melanie Stover, OT, MBA, MS/ISM and Co-Owner of Home Care Sales on this webinar.  With over 20+ years of experience helping agencies grow to new heights so they can service more clients and impact more lives.   She will share with you the secrets to achieving your next quantum leap! Following Melanie's presentation, hear from HCAF Director of Communications and Government Affairs, Kyle Simon, to learn the latest about the state of the industry and the state of the Association. Speakers/Course Authors - Melanie Stover & Kyle Simon Read More

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