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Are you having difficulty finding the right marketing partner for your business? Your referral network is crucial to your business, but how can you strengthen those relationships in order to increase revenue? In this session, Adam Corcoran, Director of Business Development at Golden Care, will discuss in detail what it means to collaborate with a power partner. Further, he will discuss how your relationship with home health agencies, hospice organizations, independent living facilities, and assisted living communities can help boost your reputation within your community. Course Speaker - Adam Corcoran Read More

Home Care’s intake process is no longer simply receiving the information given from a referral source and performing the necessary data entry. PDGM’s devil is in the details. Eligibility requirements, homebound criteria, appropriate referring diagnosis and conditions, recent procedures or injuries, special skilled service needs and clinical characteristics all determine home health periods of care and meaningful clinical groupings and payment categories. After your agency receives that elusive and potentially rewarding referral, does your staff know the critical details to ascertain, the pertinent questions that need answered, the components of a complete physician visit note, and how to communicate all of this to clinical and billing staff? As the other teams receive these details, do they feel empowered to follow-up and request additional information if they recognize a gap in needed details? A continuous feed-back loop should be implemented to perfect your intake and communication process. In truth, your entire team needs to know the signs and signals, much like secret handshakes, to implement a successful intake process under PDGM. Read More

Globally, the number of individuals with dementia will nearly triple to greater than 152 million by 2050(AAIC,2021). There is impending need and an opportunity for Home Health agencies to promote interventions to assist people with dementia to maintain their current level of function in the home setting. Individuals with Dementia lose independence due to progressive neurological deterioration of the disease. There are numerous strategies that can be employed to help the client with Dementia to live at least restrictive level of care, improve quality of life and delay placement. Behavior and functional issues that are addressed are often the precipitant to a move to a higher level of care. What can your agency do to enhance your Dementia care offerings and foster revenue growth.    Speaker/Course Author - Amy Craven & Katherine Vanderhorst  Read More

Telehealth has been on home health radar before the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, however, the COVID-19 pandemic forced agencies to take a much closer look at the opportunity to incorporate telehealth technologies in their daily operations and re-engineer health care delivery process. The possibilities have further expanded in the light of CMS COVID-19 emergency declaration blanket waivers and flexibilities and potential changes on the horizon. Join Irina Gorovaya, Owner, and President of Amity Healthcare Group, as she discusses current trends and potential opportunities for telehealth in home health. We will review existing regulations and legislature directing the use of telehealth in home health, as well as telehealth reimbursement. We will also discuss recommended American Telemedicine Association (ATA) standards for telehealth and provide guidance related to the successful deployment of telehealth program in home health, including policies, documentation, staff education, and telehealth solutions.   Speaker/Course Author - Irina Gorovaya  Read More

The federal Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) offers unique benefits to former nuclear workers, but also places Medicare-certified home health providers at risk of denial or recovery of claims for EEOICPA-eligible patients and covered illnesses. Providing care for a patient to remain at home often requires multiple types of home care providers, including Medicare, EEOICPA-certified, and private pay. During this session, participants will learn how working with non-Medicare-certified, EEOICPA-certified providers can maximize patient care while minimizing Medicare recovery risks. Read More

Do you find yourself getting lost in nostalgia for the good old days when first-class customer service was provided simply because it was the right thing to do? Why stand by and dream when we can take action and learn from those times to make today even better? In this session, we will set a new path towards providing unparalleled customer service once again. We will discuss how professional etiquette and customer service needs to flow from the top of an organization down through the internal staff and out to our patients.  These skills will be discussed in-depth and easy-to-accomplish goals will be provided that will make your team the envy of your community.   Speaker/Course Author - John Dalton  Read More

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