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Bed bugs are on the rise globally, and they spread through human movement. Since bed bugs only live indoors and prefer to feed on humans, Florida home care workers are at greater risk of acquiring bed bugs in their patients'/clients' homes as well as spreading them. In this webinar recording, Johanna Welch, BS, DPM (Doctor of Plant Medicine), of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will discuss key bed bug concepts everyone should know. This course will focus on preventing and protecting oneself from bed bugs when working in patient/client homes, as well as curbing the further spread of these pests. As well as providing an overview of bed bugs, Johanna Welch will discuss their life cycle, habitat, and behaviors, along with the potential health risks associated with bed bug infestations. During her presentation, she will discuss how bed bugs can be transmitted from one location to another, as well as the key signs that indicate an infestation. Active participants will learn how to identify bed bug bites and differentiate them from other insect bites. Johanna Welch will describe preventive measures, such as how to inspect and assess patients'/clients' homes for bed bugs, how to minimize the risk of infestation, what steps to take if bed bugs are detected in a client's home, and how to properly handle infested materials. To prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride to their next patient's/client's home, their own home, or the homes of their family and friends, participants will learn how to properly clean and sanitize their work equipment and clothing. Hear an expert in the field who can assist you in preventing and controlling bed bug infestations, thereby reducing the risk of exposure to you, your patients, and your community. Speaker/Course Author - Johanna Welch, BS, DPM Read More

We invite you to join for this month's Home Health Revenue Cycle session, an informative monthly series that covers Medicare-Certified industry hot topics. ​ This month's topic: "Eligibility & Establishing the Correct Payer" Who is going to pay the bill? This session will give agencies detail insight into the world of establishing the correct payer. How often should eligibility be reviewed?    Speaker/Course Author - Melinda Gaboury, COS-C Read More

Currently we are living in an era where “The Internet of Things'' is in full swing. Everything from refrigerators to watches to personal assistants have the ability to interact with users. These advances can make life easier, reduce stress of caregivers and working families and improve health outcomes. We still don’t know the full effect of artificial intelligence like ChatGPT, but already we can see how it will change how we interact with technology. Today healthcare technology companies are considering incorporating AI into its abilities to document care. However when we start to automate and streamline tasks with technology there are possible downsides such as how tech tools that make life easier for the caregiver, may in fact be detrimental to the individuals being cared for.    Speaker/Course Author - Christine Andrews & Nick Seabrook  Read More

The purpose of this webinar is to assist Medicare-certified home health agencies in developing a competency program for the entire organization. By implementing a competency program, your agency will be able to reduce its risks. Make sure your staff is competent in accordance with your policies, procedures, and regulations. Validating staff competency through a formal program on an ongoing basis strengthens an administrator's confidence that clinicians are competent in all procedures, such as wound care, medication management, IV care, and infection control techniques. As a result, patient and family satisfaction scores will be improved as a result of staff competence while coordinating and providing care. Additionally, we will discuss competency for all disciplines and agency positions. For example, the biller's role is so crucial, but do you conduct competency validations for that position? In this webinar, attendees will gain a better understanding of the importance of a competency program for all staff.   Speaker/Course Author - Sharon Litwin RN, BSHS, MHA, HCS-D, COQS  Read More

We invite you to join for this month's Home Health Revenue Cycle session, an informative monthly series that covers Medicare-Certified industry hot topics. This month's topic: "Intake – Where Revenue Cycle Begins" Intake is where is all begins. Join us for this session where details of all elements that need to be considered at Intake will be reviewed and the deficits that result when we don’t start this process off correctly!   Speaker/Course Author - Melinda Gaboury, COS-C Read More

In today’s fast paced, digital world, many home care organizations are looking for ways to streamline and improve their workflows and business communications. For many, the question is – where to begin? Given the many areas and options to consider, that question can be intimidating. ​ This webinar will zero in on the pros and cons associated with adopting a digital communication solution for caregivers in the field. Join us as we explore: How digitizing the caregiver communication can support day-to-day activities How a good messaging tool can improve teamwork How a HIPAA-compliant messaging tool can contribute to staff retention The importance of being HIPAA compliant – even if you have non-medical staff it is still vital   Speaker/Course Author - Jack Clough Read More

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