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Are you looking to enhance clinician efficiency and create a better work-life balance within your home care agency? Look no further! HCAF invites you to a webinar where we will delve into the strategies and insights necessary for maintaining a thriving clinical team in the face of evolving industry demands and staffing retention challenges.   Boosting staff morale is essential for creating a positive work environment, increasing employee satisfaction, and improving overall productivity. In the big picture, all of these play a part in creating an agency’s brand in the marketplace. While analytics alone cannot directly boost staff morale, it can be used as a tool to gain insights and guide strategies that can have a positive impact.    Speaker/Course Author - Michael Greenlee Founder and CEO, HealthRev Partners Hannah Vale Chief Strategy Officer, HealthRev Partners  Read More

We invite you to join for this month's Home Health Revenue Cycle session, an informative monthly series that covers Medicare-Certified industry hot topics.   This month's topic: "PEPPER – The Direct Impact of Billing on PEPPER Data" This session will take agencies through each target that is calculated on the PEPPER reports and the details that are utilized from your 30-day claims in order to get to those percentages.  Who should review PEPPER in your agency and what should they do with the results?    Speaker/Course Author - Melinda Gaboury, COS-C  Read More

Originally developed for use in early 2000, the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) has changed and grown over the last 23 years. No longer is it just a patient assessment tool. Your agency's outcomes and reimbursement rely heavily on how well this information is documented from the beginning to the end of each episode. Do you and your staff know the ins and outs of OASIS? Do you know how this information is used to determine your outcomes or how the patient revenue will be calculated? During this OASIS workshop will explore all the details of OASIS-E. By using the current OASIS guidance manual, examples, and real-world patient scenarios, you will learn how to formulate a plan for your agency to improve patient assessment, outcomes, and reimbursement. Read More

We invite you to join HCAF for this informative chat about hot topics affecting the Private Duty home care sector. As a benefit of membership, these monthly online programs are offered at no cost to Private Duty members.   Topic: Infection Prevention and Control for Private Duty Home Care   Infection prevention and control programs are essential to providing safe and high-quality patient care across all health care settings. This webinar will discuss with participants, the essential components of an effective infection control program as well as tips for ongoing compliance.    Speaker/Course Author - Victoria Barron, RN  Read More

We invite you to join for this month's Home Health Revenue Cycle session, an informative monthly series that covers Medicare-Certified industry hot topics.   This month's topic: "Traditional Medicare Billing – The 30-Day Final Claim" We are at the end of the billing period.  Are we confident that the information for calculation of payment is accurate?  Do we have all the required elements reflected on the claim?  Are you reporting non-routine supplies and telehealth services on the claim?    Speaker/Course Author - Melinda Gaboury, COS-C  Read More

Thanks to HCAF's advocacy efforts, the Florida Legislature passed legislation in 2020 (HB 607) that allows certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and home health aides to take on expanded duties under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN). Now that the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has completed its rulemaking process, we want to know how your agency ensures compliance and implements the new rules. The Florida Administrative Register, specifically sections 59A-8.0097, 59A-8.0216, and 59A-8.219, outlines the requirements for the medication administration program, training, and RN delegation of tasks. Effective May 24, 2023, CNAs and home health aides must complete six (6) hours of training through course-based modules, pass a written test, and demonstrate proficiency to perform the additional tasks.   The primary objective of this webinar series is to equip those that will be training non-licensed personnel with the necessary skills to administer medications safely to homebound individuals. Additionally, we aim to support agencies in ensuring compliance if nurses delegate tasks to CNAs and home health aides. While each agency is responsible for fulfilling the in-person competencies mandated by the new law, home care agency owners/operators, administrators, and clinical managers will be provided access to policy templates, reference materials, and sample test questions with corresponding answers. This series is designed for RNs considering delegating additional tasks and the individuals that will teach RNs and Aides how to meet the critical requirements. We recommend taking the entire course and so we are not making the individual modules available separately.  The following are some examples of learning objectives to be covered: Overview of course requirements, certification, and recertification Basic principles of medication - The five (5) rights of medication administration Medication interactions and adverse reactions Comprehension of medication labels Clarifying medication orders Documentation of all medication administration tasks in written and electronic form Ensuring the safe and lawful delegation of tasks is crucial. This program will guide you in achieving that. Register today and let's embark on this training journey together!    Speaker/Course Author - Heather Curren, RN, BSN, COS-C, HCS-D, HCS-H  Read More

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