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The Participants will understand how operations are driven by the Vision and Mission of the organization by using a case study. Participants will gain insights in how stakeholders are potential referral sources that will contribute to financial success. Participants will understand how specialty focused programs can develop business and grow revenue. Participants will understand keys to staff recruitment and retention.   Speakers/Course Authors - Arlene Maxim Read More

Join HCAF for this informative chat about hot topics affecting the Private Duty home care sector. As a benefit of membership, these monthly online programs are offered at no cost to Private Duty members. Topic: The State of Home Care in Florida in 2022 With the release of Home Care Pulse's 2022 Home Care Benchmarking Study, we can finally see how COVID-19 impacted every facet of our home care businesses. Join Caleb Hendricks of Home Care Pulse as he highlights findings from this year’s Benchmarking Study that illustrate the real and surprising shifts the pandemic brought to our home care in Florida.   In this webinar we’ll discover: How the shift in demand for home care services has evolved; Ongoing trends with caregiver turnover; Which marketing sources are bringing in sustainable revenue streams from new clients; and What the next 1-3 years look like for home care from the perspective of individual Florida agency owners   Speakers/Course Authors - Caleb Hendricks  Read More

With the onset of the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) during the pandemic era, many home health providers have failed to address the operational changes required to manage rehab under the new value-based model. As a result of the PDGM removing rehab visits from the payment calculation, many agencies have struggled with changes required to manage rehab content and outcomes. Recent work with multiple home health providers since the onset of the PDGM has revealed the connection between PDGM-compliant rehab programs, 5-Star Ratings, and optimal reimbursement. During this four-part webinar series, attendees will learn how Medicare positioned rehab management at the center of the PDGM despite removing per/visit therapy payments. Discover how to utilize the FIL (Functional Impairment Level) successfully to deliver value-based rehab programs based on the content modifications required for PDGM outcome success. In that manner, providers can develop the OASIS accuracy necessary for optimal reimbursement, while simultaneously establishing the care pathways required for 5-Star Ratings, single-digit readmissions, and optimal fiscal margins. This exciting series breaks down the Medicare approach to the PDGM’s development to assure an understanding of rehab changes and how to achieve compliance with your therapy staff and programs. Beginning with a 10,000-foot view of the hidden value opportunities in the PDGM’s rehab regulations, home health administrators, managers and supervisors will gain insight into how to rewire therapy for new levels of success. In subsequent presentations, the development of PDGM-compliant rehab plans of care (POCs) and visit content can assure a value-based therapy episode. Finally, required rehab content necessary for skill, and denials occurring under the PDGM will round out where we are today in terms of qualified therapy expectations. The series concludes with a summary of the PDGM’s rehab POC development and in-episode delivery from admission to discharge, with a nod to future IMPACT Act reforms that will modify rehab even more. Don’t miss the exciting and informative series to optimize your rehab programs for PDGM success. Course Author -  Arnie Cisneros, PT Read More

Join HCAF for this informative chat about hot topics affecting the Private Duty home care sector. As a benefit of membership, these monthly online programs are offered at no cost to Private Duty members. This Month's Topic: Ideas to Grow and Diversify Your Home Care Agency Variety is the spice of life! Diversifying your home care business could be the key to success. In this program, SimiTree Healthcare Consulting's J'non Griffin will discuss ways to combat today's financial challenges, including new competition, stagnant reimbursement rates, inflation, and staffing shortages. This program is aimed at assisting home care providers who might not know where to start, what opportunities they could explore, and what potential headaches they might encounter. We will discuss a range of options for private pay, licensed-only providers as to the pros, cons, and considerations of adding a new revenue stream, forming a partnership with a provider already doing it successfully, or expanding current services. Course Author -  J'non Griffin Read More

After a previous delay, a new assessment tool is scheduled to arrive at all our home health stations on January 1, 2023. Hop aboard the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) “E” train with J’non Griffin of SimiTree Healthcare Consulting for this full-day recording of a hybrid workshop and get ready for the trip ahead. The transition to this version will be a challenge but it should not be a bumpy ride if your team, that is involved in OASIS data collection and review, are prepared in advance. After boarding this OASIS-E train either in-person or online from the convenience of anywhere, in-depth stops will be made at all the version changes including the new aspects related to social determinants of health, increased behavioral assessments, and how it will help facilitate the transfer of health information between post-acute providers. Understanding how the updated version of OASIS impacts the start, resumption and discharge of care is critical to succeeding both clinically and financially under your value-based purchasing journey. Course Author -  J'non Griffin, HCS-D, COS-C, HCS-H, HCS-C Read More

Remaining compliant with HIPAA and other applicable laws when electronically communicating with patients is essential to protect health care providers against breaches, privacy lawsuits, and other negative consequences. With the increasing federal and state regulatory focus on cybersecurity and the nationally-proclaimed battle against cybercriminals, health care providers can no longer put privacy and security compliance on the “to do” list for when there is time and money. Fines and other penalties associated with breach events have become increasingly severe and can cripple any provider and put smaller providers out of business. This webinar will assist providers to become more compliant and will provide information on actions that can be taken to fit within the relatively new “safe harbor” for best cybersecurity practices. This safe harbor can help providers reduce or eliminate penalties when under investigation by the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (HIPAA enforcement agency) relating to a security breach, audit, or other investigation. Course Author - Lani Dornfeld, Esq. Read More

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