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In this webinar, Manpreet Singh Dhalla will share sustainable staffing strategies, tools, and actionable steps that home care providers can immediately put into effect to navigate staffing shortages. He can help participants identify gaps in their current staffing models and ensure they have an effective balance of practitioners, as well as better understand how they can address shortages in real time and prepare a long-term strategy to meet current and future demand.    Speaker/Course Author - Manpreet Singh Dhalla  Read More

We invite you to join for this month's Home Health Revenue Cycle session, an informative monthly series that covers Medicare-Certified industry hot topics.   This month's topic: "Home Health Final Rule Review." The 2024 Final Rule is loaded with twists and turns, especially surrounding rates and the points used to calculate the PDGM HIPPS code for billing.  Don’t miss the most recent updates in PDGM for 2024.    Speaker/Course Author - Melinda Gaboury, COS-C  Read More

In this HCAF Lunch Chat, we will focus on building a solid foundation in understanding basic financial statements and recognizing how they tell the story of your business. We will explore the key components of financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, and discuss how each provides valuable insights into the financial health and performance of your business.  Participants will learn how to interpret and analyze these statements to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business's financial position. Additionally, we will delve into common errors that can occur in financial statements and provide practical guidance on how to identify and correct them. To reinforce the concepts learned, we will engage in a case study that allows participants to apply their knowledge and skills in analyzing and interpreting financial statements.    Speaker/Course Author - Nicholas Bright, CPA  Read More

One of the highlights of this series is a special presentation by Healthcare Provider Solutions CEO Melinda Gaboury, COS-C, who will delve into every crucial aspect of the 2024 Medicare Home Health Prospective Payment System Final Rule. In addition, you'll hear from HCAF Executive Director Bobby Lolley, RN, and Senior Director of Policy, Advocacy & Communications Kyle Simon. They will bring you the latest updates from Congress, give you a sneak peek into what to expect during the 2024 Florida Legislative Session, and explore the emerging trends that are shaping the industry.   Speaker/Course Author - Bobby Lolley, Kyle Simon, Melinda Gaboury  Read More

This course is for you if you are: - A new or aspiring clinical manager - Currently in the role wanting to expand expertise - A home health agency looking to provide a solid base for their management team The training addresses the Five Pillars © of Knowledge Regulatory, Finance, Clinical, People and Technology as well as interaction with business processes. It's what you need to know. You will leave the course with a solid foundation of knowledge on the role and the responsibility with agency processes. You will also have your own personal work plan developed to continue your professional development. Provided by an expert with nearly 30 years in the industry and 14 years and counting of experience working with dozens upon dozens of home health agencies and hundreds of clinical managers as a national clinical operations consultant helping agencies succeed. An author of 2 books on clinical management, Julia Maroney RN MHSA has spoken at many national (NAHC, HHFMA, NHPCO), regional and state conferences teaching others best operational practices. Read More

In September 2023, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a concerning report. It revealed that among Medicare home health patients who were hospitalized due to falls resulting in major injuries, a staggering 55% of these falls were not properly documented on patient assessments by home health agencies (HHAs) as mandated. Furthermore, the report disclosed that the reporting of falls on the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) was notably deficient among younger home health patients when compared to their older counterparts, as well as among patients who identified as Black, Hispanic, or Asian in comparison to White patients. Additionally, for-profit HHAs displayed lower reporting rates compared to non-profit and government-owned agencies.   With more than half of falls resulting in major injuries and subsequent hospitalizations going unreported, the question arises: will there be heightened reporting requirements imposed on home health providers? This situation calls for agencies to pay close attention, as the OIG perceives it as a significant issue. Now is the opportune moment for agencies to thoroughly assess their fall prevention programs, evaluate best practices, and scrutinize their internal policies pertaining to the correct procedures that their clinicians and caregivers should be adhering to.   This webinar will explore the essential steps that should be taken concerning fall prevention education, documentation, and reporting of falls leading to injuries, whether they result in hospital admission or not. By participating, you can ensure that your agency remains compliant with data submission requirements and proactively works towards enhancing patient outcomes, pre-empting any potential actions by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as recommended by the OIG.   Speaker/Course Author - Apryl Swafford, RN, BSN, COS-C, HCS-D, HCS-H  Read More

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