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On June 10, 2021, the US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced the issuance of Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) to protect healthcare workers from contracting the coronavirus. The ETS was officially filed in the Office of the Federal Register on June 17, 2021, and became effective on June 21, 2021. Since then, conflicting information has been circulating as to whether or not these standards apply to home care. Join Whirks HRO Manager, Greg Henderson, to clear up any confusion and learn exactly what you are required to do! In this timely and informative webinar, Greg will focus on:  Explaining the federal requirements by agency and facility type; Detailing the added requirements of record keeping, training, and paying for COVID-positive employees (regardless of vaccine status); and, Answering your questions    Course Author: Greg Henderson  Read More

Payers continue to take a larger part of the overall Medicare dollars spent moving into 2021. Organizations must face the reality that Medicare Advantage is set to become the largest payer. For an organization to best prepare for the strategic implications of managed care relationships, they must understand innovative strategies they can leverage to meet the health needs of beneficiaries.   This webinar will examine how to effectively face the future of Medicare Advantage by discussing how innovation, culture, strategy and aligning every corner of the organization can lead to success. Attendees will gain an understanding of Medicare Advantage plans, how to build relationships and the importance of these plans to your organization’s future financial health and overall success.    Speakers/Course Authors - Michael Puskarich  Read More

The continued momentum of Medicare Advantage and Managed Care Plans creates a formidable financial challenge for post-acute care providers that can quickly disrupt the tempo of operations.  This session will consider the integration of managed care payors into a provider’s census mix and best practices for successful financial outcomes.   The discussion will also delve into National and State level trends; emerging health plans and industry consolidation; and contracting challenges today and in the future.    Speakers/Course Authors - Nanette Smith  Read More

In this session you will learn how to transform your daily operations into a consistent experience that drives your bottom line and turns routine actions into moments of engagement that create self-replicating results. Speakers/Course Authors - Clint Nobles Read More

Crazy to realize that PDGM has a past! What has been learned through implementation of PDGM, what are we currently dealing with and what do we have to look forward to? This session will take agencies through statistics from the past, evaluate the implemenation of the NoPay RAP, review details of the 2022 Proposed Rule, discuss the new COVID-19 diagnoses and discuss the details of the Notice of Admission coming swiftly! Speakers/Course Authors - Melinda Gaboury Read More

Some agencies are in first round selections, some are in second round selections, and some agencies are unsure of where to go from here. In this preconference session we will have a panel discussion on the things we have seen with submissions on PCR, how to decide which is the best level to choose on 2nd choice. Bring your questions to this informative session! Speakers/Course Authors - J'non Griffin, Kathy Harrison & Kim Wilkerson Read More

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