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The healthcare at home landscape is evolving as demographics shift towards more people reaching the age where care might be needed, and as technology jumps ahead with social and business integration and solutions. Join us to learn the top 10 moves an agency can make to influence potential clients and referrals to fall in love with your home care agency. Course Author: Stacie Gillespie, Amy  Selle, Marissa Snook Read More

This course is built to satisfy the 2-hour human trafficking training requirement for home care. The goal of this course is to educate employees on identifying, screening, and assessing victims, and reporting human trafficking in the healthcare setting. The course targets anyone who works in a home care setting. This means nurses, CNAs, home health aides, therapists, and office staff. Read More

Effective January 2019, there are several additions, revisions, and deletions from the OASIS dataset. Gain an understanding of these changes and their impact on the Comprehensive Assessment with the OASIS-D Cheat Sheet. Topics include the influence of the IMPACT Act on OASIS changes, details regarding the new GG and J items, and a complete listing of OASIS deletions & associated changes in assessment strategies. Read More

Former PCA, now Savii CEO, Kristen Duell will guide attendees to help reduce agency turnover, boost retention, and keep growing your home care agency.  Get Savyy on our retention strategy!  Course Author: Kristen Duell Read More

This webinar will review the Home Health Agency Final Interpretive Guidelines associated with the new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation (CoPs). Clear, concise explanations will be shared along with examples from a former surveyor and someone who performs mock surveys. Join Sharon M. Litwin, RN, BSHS, MHA, HCS-D, as she shares what has been seen in actual agency surveys. Sharon will provide a clear direction to take now that the Final Interpretive Guidelines have been released. Gain a better understanding of them and what they mean to agencies during a survey. Learn what it means and what is involved to truly follow the new CoPs and Interpretive Guidelines. Course Author: Sharon M. Litwin, RN, BSHS, MHA, HCS-D Read More

OASIS-D is starting Jan 1, 2019 with changes largely occurring due to the IMPACT ACT (Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014). The purpose of the IMPACT Act is to standardize patient assessment data collected for Post-Acute Care (PAC) providers; The PAC providers are: Long-Term Care Hospitals, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, Skilled Nursing facilities and Home Health Agencies.  The reason for standardization of data is to develop improved quality measures, utilize the data to compare all four PAC providers for quality, and improve coordination of care and discharge planning between the PAC providers. Therefore, we see in our OASIS-D that several GG and J items are in place. These items, particularly the GG items have very detailed assessment items, particularly for the patient functional abilities and goals. Many of these items are not currently assessed in home health.  Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure that your clinicians are taught, understand and are able to perform these detailed functional assessments on their patients. Do not wait until January to teach these skills, as the assessment strategies are going to have to be done thoroughly by the team of clinicians caring for the patient! Join us for an intro to OASIS-D, reviewing items deleted, the OASIS-D guidance manual and the new GG and J items! Course Author: Vicky Trevarthan, RN, BS, COS-C, MHA Candidate Read More

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