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What can tiny houses, Spartan races, knuckleball pitchers, armless archers, Snapchat, unibrows, and Minecraft teach us about innovation and differentiation? We all know that innovation and differentiation are essential, but developing and implementing truly unique ideas seems very difficult, and most fail to become more creative and distinctive. The solution is surprisingly simple. A singular method for finding unconventional ideas that will dramatically improve your ability to stand out and produce an endless supply of original breakthroughs. Attend this session to go from unconventional to unforgettable to unstoppable! Course Author: David Rendall Read More

The Patient-Driven Groupings Model and payment methodology reform are the largest changes that home health has seen since the inception of the Prospective Payment System in 2000. While this rule has not yet been finalized, it is in the works. Under PDGM, the 60-day episode of care is replaced with a 30-day period of payment and patients are placed into one of 216 payment groups. The structure of determining the payment grouping is as follows: (1) Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation; (2) Neuro/Stroke Rehabilitation; (3) Wounds - Post-Op Wound Aftercare and Skin/Non-Surgical Wound Care; (4) Complex Nursing Interventions; (5) Behavioral Health Care (including Substance Use Disorders); and, (6) Medication Management, Teachingand Assessment (MMTA). Low Utilization Payment Adjustments (LUPA) will exist in the PDGM, but there are multiple ways to calculate versus the current standard. All this and more will be addressed in this MUST HEAR session. Get the most recent, up to date data available. Course Author: Melinda Gaboury Read More

Join "The TPE Annihilator" in this workshop as she swoops in to provide information to home health staff members enabling them to evaluate where their agency would stand if the dastardly Targeted Probe & Educate were to come to their agency today. Arm yourself with information as past TPE results are shared from agencies Healthcare Provider Solutions works with. Explore the inner-workings of the TPE program and learn how an agency can survive. Directors, clinicians, and quality review staff will not want to miss this super session. Pow! Course Author: Melinda Gaboury Read More

This presentation will take attendees through a step-by-step process on how to build a culture of accountability that will lead your organization to success. The session will focus on how to develop leaders and what results organizations will realize because of this. It is high-energy, with a plethora of takeaways that can be implemented immediately. In this era of home care and hospice, your most important asset is your people. This presentation will help you mold your top performers into the best staff in the market. In turn, your organization will become the employer of choice and your financial success will skyrocket! Course Author:  <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> Eric Scharber Read More

This presentation will help you gain an understanding of quality cycle management as it applies to home health. You will gain the ability to identify the impact of continuous quality improvement on patient outcomes, as well as a means by which to set measurable quality metrics at every step in a patient's journey from intake to discharge.  Course Author: Laura Page-Greifinger  Read More

Congress and federal agencies have had a long history with home care through Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and other government programs. With a new Administration and Congress into its second year of action, what do they have in store for us? This program provides the up-to-the-minute report on legislative, regulatory, and legal issues coming out of Washington and into your lives in home care. Read More

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