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Sometimes it feels like superpowers are needed to successfully navigate the home care industry, with caregiver scarcity, competitor crowding, and shifting consumer demographics. You don't need x-ray vision or superhuman strength to win your market segment, but you do need to demonstrate why yours is the agency that will save the day! Attend this session and come out with the resources to: -Understand and apply the marketing and sales process to gain customers and referrers -Identify what metrics to measure and broadcast -Understand how data can be utilized to tell your agency's story, support your brand, and help consumers align with the home care good guys!  Course Author: Merrily Orsini & Shelle Womble Read More

The number of workers with eldercare responsibilities is rising dramatically. More than 40% of U.S. workers have provided care for an aging relative or friend in the past five years. About half of the entire workforce should expect to be providing eldercare in the coming five years! Whether you're a caregiver by profession or one of the many millions of American workers who now find themselves in that role, you will benefit from resources, principles, and best practices for balancing work, family, and caregiving. This talk offers inspiration and healing, even a bit of humor, for empowering your working caregivers. Read More

When it comes to managing care and service delivery, there is a seemingly endless list of metrics you could monitor. But what should you track? Which key performance indicators have the most impact on quality and client outcomes? This presentation will help outline three key areas that must be monitored by your operations team. It will demonstrate that having a mobile solution, fully integrated into your office-to-field workflow can allow you to proactively manage performance, improve productivity, and make appropriate corrections while complying with new Conditions of Participation developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  Course Author: Cheryl Reid-Haughian  Read More

Growing and managing a home care sales team and improving sales results is one of the biggest challenges home care agencies face today. The good news is, award-winning home care sales coach, Shelle Womble, can help get your agency’s sales team on track. Join Shelle for HCAF’s First Friday Lunch Chat on Friday, September 7th for an informal and informative chat covering this hot topic, where you’ll learn how to: - Determine what an ideal sales person looks like for your organization - Describe a solid sales structure which includes metrics, a plan and documentation - Detail what to look for in determining if expectations are being met - Delineate the signs that changes are necessary Read More

73% of organizations that experienced a systems failure were down for 30 minutes or more! (2017 State of Resilience Report) This presentation will communicate business continuity and survival by leading your organization through three essential steps—from understanding the concepts of disaster recovery and high availability to calculating the business impact of downtime. We will discuss in general terms the concepts of business continuity and disaster planning. We will focus primarily on specific IT strategies you can easily and affordably implement. Read More

"Join our partners at myCNAjobs for a webinar, Learning from the Leaders - Recruiting Outside of Senior Care. Executives understand the war for caregiver talent is here. Now, it’s time to act. Too often we look inside our industry for answers. This time, we decided to take a step outside of senior care. We've identified companies that are leading the pack in each of 5 categories; offering, experience, processing, brand and talent creation. Join us as we take a deep dive into what they're doing, why they're winning and how you can apply it to senior care. " Read More

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