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At first glance, the most significant changes to OASIS for the 2019 version appear to primarily be more Section GG items and new Section J items. These additions definitely merit review, but there are changes to existing items and deletions of several items entirely! Join Rhonda Crawford, BSN, RN, CHCE, HCS-D, HCS-O, COS-C, on Halloween for an analysis of the impact the OASIS-D version will have on the comprehensive assessment and the assessing clinician’s data collection and documentation strategies. Course Instructor - Rhonda Crawford BSN, RN, CHCE, HCS-D, HCS-O, COS-C Read More

This presentation includes a detailed review of the Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses Society (WOCN) Guidance on Integumentary items. Ensure that your clinicians are able to answer these questions with 100% accuracy: -When is a re-epithelialized wound still considered a "current" wound? -What does granulation tissue really look like? -Can avascular tissue be present on a Stage 2 pressure ulcer? -How is "most problematic" defined in OASIS? -What impact do these three OASIS items have on case mix and outcome measurement? Precision in assessing, documentation, and coding is critical to providing the appropriate level of services for healing to occur for your patients. Course Author: Rhonda Crawford BSN, RN, CHCE, HCS-D, HCS-O, COS-C Read More

The IMPACT Act of 2014 is the driving force behind the transition to the OASIS-C2 version in 2017 and will also cause significant changes to the dataset during 2018. IMPACT requires Home Health Agencies to collect and report data for quality measures that are also standardized for Long-Term Care Hospitals, Inpatient Rehab Facilities, and Skilled Nursing Facilities. -Are you aware of the new quality measures for which data is now being collected and reported? -Do you know what types of changes IMPACT will cause in the OASIS for 2019? Make sure you understand all of the implications of IMPACT on your agency - this is a game-changer! Course Author: Rhonda Crawford BSN, RN, CHCE, HCS-D, HCS-O, COS-C Read More

Average reps struggle, good reps grow, great reps explode their sales by avoiding these all-too-common traps! If you want your sales team to move from good sales results to great, this session is for you. We'll discuss each of the five key "traps" that reps fall into, slowing performance and hurting results. You'll gain specific knowledge and tips on how to break out of these traps and into great success! Make these simple, yet powerful changes and watch your hours grow. Michael Giudicissi is the expert in home care sales and will bring his 17 years of experience and knowledge to help your agency flourish. Read More

While leadership and management deal with results of target audit probes such as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) probes, ZPIC/UPIC (Zone Program Integrity Contractor/Unified Program Integrity Contractor) audits, and Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) reviews, the battle for agency reimbursement is won or lost. "If it wasn't charted, it wasn't done" is the old adage, but "If it was charted wrong, it won't be paid" is the new version in the Medical Review world of home health. This presentation combines 11 key Medicare rules and regulations your staff need to know, need to document, and need to follow so that any medical review does not take back the visits and cause financial hardships for your agency. Even experienced staff need to have a clear and present knowledge and integrate these requirements into their charting. How these requirements or lack of these show up in denial explanation letters is also used to demonstrate the importance of charting these right the first time. Addressing these as part of agency culture is an investment in prevention. Course Authors: Laura Page-Greifinger Read More

The landscape of EVV regulations is complicated and continuously evolving. Pressure on agencies to deliver high-quality care while reducing costs has never been higher. HCAF is pleased to present this practical Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) implementation learning opportunity with two HCAF Associate members to lead a lunch-and-learn webinar. CellTrak is a proven care delivery partner with EVV expertise and strong relationships with EVV aggregators - supporting programs in Ohio, the first state to go live. Tellus is Florida's EVV contractor for Medicaid fee-for-service home health services that will also oversee the state's clearinghouse for all Medicaid EVV. Join our experts to learn how your agency can get ahead of the curve. Our presenters will provide guidance on federal and state regulation, insight into potential productivity improvements, and practical steps to move forward. Attendees will obtain a roadmap to compliance, as well as cost-saving strategies. And the good news is – you can start now.  Course Authors: Robb Litvak, Courtney Martin, Lia Sweeney  Read More

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