HCAF: Guarantee Your Success With Home Health Value-Based Purchasing - Part 2 (SN, OT, ST - 1.5)

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Kimberly McCormick



HH’s Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Model is the latest of the Impact Act Volume to Value reforms to affect how we develop and deliver care to our homebound patients. By redefining HH quality in terms of positively rewarding rapid clinical and fiscal outcomes, VBP seeks to improve the HH Provider’s care efficiency. As a result, traditional HH Care production and management processes fail to achieve VBP-based quality baselines and the related bonus payment. Furthermore, the VBP model requires certain outcome levels that are significantly beyond what is routinely seen in HH. 


When reviewing the HH VBP model, it quickly becomes apparent that the depth and specificity employed to track, define, and reward qualified care extends well beyond the current level of management in most HH agencies. The complexity of VBP contrasts starkly with both the Star Ratings and HH Care Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HHCAHPS) models we know, and it is much more difficult to achieve success. Though VBP focuses on outcome areas that are the traditional clinical and quality measures we are familiar with, VBP requires composite scores for success, so any areas where we might underperform will limit our success. Finally, HH VPB will deliver bonus payments to the top 10% of HH Providers nationally, and few if any Providers could hope to qualify for the bonus without a major VBP-based quality initiative in their agencies. 


This progressive webinar series for Owners, Administrators, and Managers tackles the HH VBP reform from all angles for success, including the culture change required to assure your V2V performance produces newly identified outcome levels. These and other topics addressed will include: 

  • Breaking down the HH VBP Model in performance terms for success
  • Drilling down VBP-qualified outcomes and relating them to legacy HH Operations
  • Identifying VBP performance outcomes and real-time management of best practice
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Metrics for ongoing VBP tracking
  • Assuring a successful V2V culture change occurs in your agency
  • Review a KPI metric tracking worksheet you can use for VBP improvement 
  • Receive Scripting for Success approaches for VBP and HHCAHPS outcomes
  • Case study demoes of multiple HH Providers who achieved VBP outcomes based on Operational changes, KPI tracking and Scripting for Success 
  • VBP Operational changes that will improve your clinical performance and related fiscal margins outside of the VBP bonus

With a Value-Based HH platform as the basis of your care production, care delivery, and patient satisfaction programming, you will be on the path for VBP-qualified outcomes. In addition, you will be prepared for success under the subsequent Impact Act HH reforms, including PAC PPS. Don’t miss this essential webinar series and start preparing for VBP success today.


Speakers/Course Authors - Kimberly McCormick & Arnie Cisneros 


Part 2: Developing and Installing a HH Operational Model for VBP Success 

  • Addressing specific VBP-required baselines on an item-to item basis
  • Connecting VBP-required baselines to OASIS data & Star Ratings
  • Exploring the specificity of VBP clinical areas in terms of Care Production
  • Connecting SOC OASIS data to POC production for VBP Outcomes
  • Rewiring OASIS data accumulation to VBP POC at SOC
  • Educating clinical staff in terms of VBP for Outcome Success
  • Collecting and Interpreting VBP metrics for Clinical Outcomes
  • The role of HH Management & Supervisory control in VBP programming 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

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HCAF: Guarantee Your Success With Home Health Value-Based Purchasing - Part 2
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