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This session will cover suggested steps and anticipated challenges that an agency leader may expect to encounter when implementing an EMR in their organization. Best practices will be presented along with case studies to demonstrate both successful and unsuccessful implementation initiatives. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls associated with transitioning to EMR and develop a strong understanding of the key components that can lead to successful implementation of EMR within your own agency. This session is ideal for agency decision makers who are considering implementing an EMR in their agency. Course instructor - David Tapia Read More

The new proposed conditions of participation focus heavily on QAPI and outcomes. How do you as an agency leader motivate and inspire these outcomes? This presentation will focus on teaching specific strategies and provide tools to assist you in identifying documentation trends and action plans to improve the quality of your documentation, while meeting regulatory guidelines. Course instructor - J'non Griffin Read More

Upcoming changes in healthcare policy are putting a new emphasis on care transitions, involving hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies and other key healthcare providers. The Affordable Care Act will impose financial penalties on hospitals with high rates of readmissions. Therefore hospitals looking to reduce their readmission rates will likely consider a home health agency’s involvement and association in the readmission process. As such, the number of referrals a home health agency may receive from a local area hospital could be determined by the quality of interventions used by the agency to prevent avoidable re-hospitalizations. Home health agencies associated with low hospital readmission rates will be more likely to receive higher referrals in the face of these new policies. FMQAI, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO) in Florida, launched the No Place Like Home Campaign to assist hospitals and their down-stream providers, including home health agencies, to promote seamless transitions between care settings by increasing care coordination and communication and to reduce hospital readmissions by improving processes of care. Course instructor - Janie Copeland Read More

Starting in 2015 it is a requirement for all nurses in the state of Florida to complete a two-hour course on nursing laws and practice in Florida.  This course is a part of the total 24 hours that are required each biennium and includes content on Chapters 456 and Chapter 464 of the Florida Statutes This course is made up of 5 lessons that contain the information you need to know about nursing laws and practice in Florida and satisfies the State's new requirement. Read More

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish what type of wound is present on the lower extremity. It is even more difficult to treat these types of wounds. In this presentation, you will be able to identify the unique characteristics associated with management and treatment of the lower extremity ulcer. You will also be able to understand how costly these types of ulcers are to treat and heal. Course instructors - J'non Griffin & Heather Calhoun Read More

The OASIS C2 is scheduled for implementation on January 1, 2017. Is your staff aware of the changes in the new version? This latest version includes three new M items, along with changes to the instructions and format for multiple existing M items. This webinar will seek to review the changes in new version including discussing the intent and instructions of the new and modified items, and providing clarity on the formatting changes of numbering, checkboxes and new lookback periods. In addition, Melinda will review the updated language for pressure ulcers and go into detail about the specific M items that affect Outcomes and Star Ratings so you can have a clearer understanding of how Star Ratings are calculated and how the changes in OASIS-C2 will affect your agency’s scores. Course instructor - Melinda Gaboury Read More

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