HCAF: Making your agencies customer service the Bee’s Knees (SN, OT, ST, PT - 1.5 CEU & ACCT - 1.5 TB)

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Course Length
80 mins

John Dalton



Do you find yourself getting lost in nostalgia for the good old days when first-class customer service was provided simply because it was the right thing to do? Why stand by and dream when we can take action and learn from those times to make today even better? In this session, we will set a new path towards providing unparalleled customer service once again. We will discuss how professional etiquette and customer service needs to flow from the top of an organization down through the internal staff and out to our patients.  These skills will be discussed in-depth and easy-to-accomplish goals will be provided that will make your team the envy of your community.


Speaker/Course Author - John Dalton 


  • The cost of turnover and the advantages of retention.
  • Tools to empower your employees and create loyalty.
  • Is everyone worth retaining?
  • Putting it all to work for your agency.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

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HCAF: Making your agencies customer service the Bee’s Knees
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