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This session is geared to home health nurses and therapists. Rhonda will address some of the challenges presented to home health agencies in maintaining compliance with OASIS items, ICD coding and Plan of Care documents. She will provide guidance for overcoming some of these challenges per authoritative information deemed appropriate by CMS. Course Instructor - Rhonda Crawford Read More

Merger and Acquisition experts will explain how large corporate buyers and private equity groups develop a price they are willing to pay for an agency. Using that information, he will show you how that price can be increased, along with mistakes to avoid. This presentation will includes detailed information on completed transactions, who the current buyers are and how clinical operations and Medicare statistics are affecting value. Course Instructor - Cory Mertz & Kevin Taggart Read More

CMS’ Value-Based Purchasing Model demonstration is “pay-for-per-formance” on steroids and it is coming to a state near you! Are you ready if Florida is chosen? This demo will be implemented in 5 to 8 states effective Jan 1, 2016. John will discuss the demo’s theory and premise, what we currently know and what we can reasonably project for 2016 and beyond. Many believe Florida will be selected and that it will be a controversial and potentially catastrophic provision for those states selected. Even if Florida is not selected, the Value-Based Purchasing Model will become a national program in a short period of time and there’s no better time to prepare for its implementation than the present. Course instructor - John Reisinger, CPA Read More

This insightful session will discuss the current challenges for a private duty agency owner and how implementing innovative cloud-based mobile technologies to automate assessments and care plans can reduce the barriers to incomplete data collection and manifest into happier, healthier and more satisfied clients. Victor will showcase how to grow your business through real-world examples and case studies by implementing new, but simple and highly effective mobile applications never before available. He will demonstrate several operational efficiencies that can be used to increase business, achieve a higher quality of care and improve your business' reputation in the marketplace. Course instructor - Victor Van De Moortel Read More

The Home Health PPS Regulation for implementation January 2016 has brought about changes to the PPS System, but most importantly more cuts in reimbursement. The billers and collectors are extremely important to agencies thriving in the current system so do not miss this needed education! Be the first to be current on all Medicare billing regulations implemented in 2016. This webinar series will lay a concrete foundation for home health billing, as well as, financial staff by giving billers a more effective approach to the Medicare PPS regulation, conducting Medicare verifications and understanding adjustments. We will discuss Medicare verifications on patients with HIQH/HETS screen examples & review adjacent episode calculations - field by field on claim forms. We will review the process of auditing a pre-bill for final claim purposes, both Medicare and Non-Medicare Payers, and review the details of billing for Non-Routine Supplies using billing guidelines. More and more scrutiny of agency records has been taking place in the form or ADR and RAC reviews. The webinars will outline the current risks and outline steps to manage that risk. If you are part of the revenue cycle in your agency these webinars are a must! Course instructor - Melinda Gaboury Read More

In today’s environment, home health agencies have to do more with less to prosper. Technology can be a valuable tool in automating manual processes, reducing administrative overhead, improving employee performance and increasing overall revenue. Although, selecting, implementing and managing your technology can be a challenging task. In this session, you will learn about the leading technologies and trends, how to evaluate and choose the right technologies for your agency, and best practices for implementing these technologies so that your next technology investment will be a successful one. Course instructor - Daniel Abdo Read More

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