Reducing Readmission by Improving Care Transitions (CEU - OT, SN, ST, PT 1)

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Upcoming changes in healthcare policy are putting a new emphasis on care transitions, involving hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies and other key healthcare providers. The Affordable Care Act will impose financial penalties on hospitals with high rates of readmissions. Therefore hospitals looking to reduce their readmission rates will likely consider a home health agency’s involvement and association in the readmission process. As such, the number of referrals a home health agency may receive from a local area hospital could be determined by the quality of interventions used by the agency to prevent avoidable re-hospitalizations. Home health agencies associated with low hospital readmission rates will be more likely to receive higher referrals in the face of these new policies. FMQAI, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO) in Florida, launched the No Place Like Home Campaign to assist hospitals and their down-stream providers, including home health agencies, to promote seamless transitions between care settings by increasing care coordination and communication and to reduce hospital readmissions by improving processes of care. Course instructor - Janie Copeland


At the end of this session, the participant should be able to:
1. List reasons why home health agencies should be concerned about hospital readmissions.
2. Explain the available CMS and QIO programs, including the No Place Like Home Campaign that focus on improving care transitions.
3. Discuss effective interventions that can be implemented to improve care transitions.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

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Reducing Readmission by Improving Care Transitions
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