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If your agency is struggling with outcomes, productivity, adherence to policies, etc., then this session is for you. This session will walk you through the process of taking a hardcore look at what your agency needs to move forward. By specifically defining the gaps that exist in the agency and any SILOS that need to be dismantled, agencies can begin to bridge the gaps and unite the staff to move the agency into a positive and progressive future. Course Instructor - Melinda Gaboury Read More

​The first performance year of the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Home Health Value Based Purchasing (HHVBP) initiative is over. Last year, providers made strong improvements in their HHVBP outcomes and overall Total Performance Score. This session will share insights into the HHVBP program changes and trends in performances across the first year. Additionally, operational and clinical best practices and lessons learned from agencies within Florida and from other HHVBP states will be discussed. Read More

This session is aimed at providing agencies with insight into new federal emergency preparedness requirements in connection to state-specific requirements. Other items of discussion will include the elimination of the 10-mile rule, enhancements to the online licensure program, and other regulatory updates. Time permitting, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions. Course Instructor - Dayle Mooney Read More

Why should Florida home care agencies pay attention to clients with long-term care insurance (LTICi) policies? There are 300 Million reasons! The nation's largest long-term care insurance (LTCi) carriers pay an average of $500 million in claims benefits for home care services, with a staggering 60 percent of benefits (totaling approximately $300 million) paid to Floridians. While LTCi clients can provide your agency with valuable revenue streams, servicing them can be challenging without expertise and proper knowledge of billing procedures. Join Matt Capell to learn billing best practices for LTCi clients so as to ensure effective accounts receivable and proper cash flow. Course Instructor - Matthew Capell​ Read More

With increased scrutiny by government entities and significant penalties for any missteps, how should an agency react? Attend this session to learn practical advice from one with experience as a state and accreditation surveyor and Office of Inspector General Corporate Integrity Agreement monitor. Gain knowledge to avoid common mistakes and create robust compliance systems to not only survive, but deliver the quality care that our patients deserve!   PT credits awarded for course completions are approved for 1 year and expire at the end of the calendar year unless otherwise stated. For a complete list of courses offering PT credits for this year, click here. Read More

Even though it is part of Medicare's Conditions of Participation (CoPs), the emergency preparedness provision will go into effect before January 2018. Are you prepared for surveyors to evaluate your agency's emergency preparedness plan starting November 15, 2017? Certain conditions must be met even before November, and this interactive session will help providers prepare to care for patients and be compliant during an emergency. Course Instructor - J'non Griffin, RN MHA WCC, HCS-D, HCS-H, HCS-C, COS-C Read More

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