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Join Kristen Wheeler, HCAF's Director of Private Duty Services, and hear the latest updates from Tallahassee as well as a review of the state survey tags as they apply to non-skilled, licensed only agencies. Tips will be shared to make sure you're ready for the next AHCA survey! Course Author - Kristen Wheeler Read More

HIV is one of the most important health threats of our time. It has killed millions of people in the United States and worldwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 1.1 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in the United States, and that one in six (nearly 16%) is unaware of his or her infection. Therefore, all healthcare professionals need a basic understanding of the virus and the disease it causes: AIDS. This course will teach you the basics about HIV and AIDS. Read More

Welcome to the Continua Learning course on Sexual Harassment in the Home Care Workplace! Sexual harassment is a crime that contributes to a poor work environment. This course will teach you how to prevent and handle sexual harassment in the home care workplace. Course Reviewer: Margie Fincham​ Read More

Welcome to Continua Learning: Customer Service in Home Care! This course is designed to teach you about customer service in the home care workplace. Read More

Join HCAF's Private Duty Director, Kristen Wheeler, as we welcome BrooksAmericare's Ashley Briones for an informal and informative discussion about caregiver retention and recruitment. Ashley is a seasoned HR Professional who will share best practices to keep employees happy and ensure you have the best staff possible. Read More

Would you use a hammer to cut your hair? Or a stethoscope to check your oil? In marketing today, there are more tools than ever…and more ways to misuse them! In this discussion, we’ll examine the most popular marketing tools being used in the home care industry today. We’ll take a look at both digital and traditional marketing, and show you where to begin, and how to get the best returns on your time and money. Read More

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