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Competency is the knowledge, education, skills, and experience an employee possess for job performance. A competency program is designed to ensure employees, subcontractors, students and/or volunteers, are qualified and competent to perform direct or indirect responsibilities. This session will teach you how to set up the competency program and effectively manage it. Course Instructor - Sharon Litwin Read More

This session will allow experienced home health leaders to enhance their performance in three key areas: advertising, sales and recruiting. Presenters will share best practices gleaned from working with private and public home care businesses nationwide. Course Instructor - Karissa Price and Shane Hull Read More

Supervision has never been an easy task. Whether supervising a staff of one or one hundred, this course will provide the home care manager with insight, tools and techniques to solve the daily issues of accountability while creating a top quality workforce. We will refresh your knowledge of basic concepts and provide new ideas to create your own SUPER management team. Course Instructor - Glenda Burke and Kathy Burcham Read More

Clinicians need more practical assessment/teaching applications, techniques, and methodologies, so they are prepared to better foster self-efficacy in this rapidly changing chronic care management model environment. Where the ability to increase the results for positive patient-centered outcomes can determine whether or not a home health agency is chosen as a part of an ACO, Post-Acute Care Transition Model, or Patient Centered Medical Model, or not. Course Instructor - Susan J Carmichael Read More

This OASIS Learning System takes the clinician on a journey! Clinicians who are responsible for collecting OASIS data face many trials when applying CMS guidance on answering the OASIS questions. This 17 session series includes a discussion of the entire OASIS dataset - section by section - with emphasis placed on those portions of OASIS guidance that are not readily apparent at first glance. As definitions and clarification are revealed, the attendee will gain a roadmap to increased OASIS accuracy and understanding. Use these educational sessions in a classroom setting or your clinicians can do this in a self-directed scenario. Rhonda Crawford, BSN, RN, CHCE, COS-C has been in home care since 1991. One of the nation’s leading OASIS experts, Rhonda has recorded the audio for these sessions. Read More

Compliance remains a white hot topic because the blinding spotlight of increased scrutiny has been turned up to the point that it has become lethal to some providers. Yes, providers have been driven out of business because they failed to place the right amount of emphasis on compliance. Once the auditors come knocking it is too late. This session offers information to enable the home health professional to understand the process of developing an effective compliance program and the necessary elements with emphasis on the audit/monitoring process. You will hear what your audits should reveal, and more important -- what to do with the results. The process of developing effective operational and clinical policies to ensure compliance will be discussed. Current home care risk areas will be identified, and methods to decrease those risks will be presented. We will discuss the importance of Federal laws regulating marketing activities and relationships with referral sources. Come learn, hear examples and gain a fresh perspective on compliance planning. Come out of the scorching light into the shade. Course Instructor - Glenda Burke and Anne Novick Branan​ Read More

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