CoPs Overview Webinar Series

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CoPs Overview Webinar

Webinar 1 of 7: Overview
The first session will address the regulatory changes that will require amended policies, procedures, and forms by the July 13, 2017 effective date, with special focus on the following major new provisions: quality assessment and performance improvement plan, policies, and procedures; infection control plan, policies, and procedures; patient rights requirements; and, written patient instructions.

Webinar 2 of 7: Patient Care & Organizational Environment 
This session will address changes to CoPs subparts B (patient care) and C (organizational environment), which cover: compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations related to health and safety of patients; emergency preparedness; organization and administration of services; clinical records; personnel qualifications; basis and scope; and, release and reporting of patient identifiable OASIS information.

Webinar 3 of 7: Patient Rights
This session will address 484.50, which covers all of the new patient rights notice forms, policies, processes, and tools that home health agencies need in order to be compliant.

Webinar 4 of 7: Assessment and Care Planning Requirements
This session will address 484.55 and 484.60, which cover new assessment and care planning requirements

Webinar 5 of 7: Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement
This session will address 484.65, which cover quality assessment and performance improvement requirements, tools, and guidance.

Webinar 6 of 7: Infection Control
This session will address 484.70, which covers infection control program requirements and how to implement in an agency.

Webinar 7 of 7: Job Descriptions
This session will address 484.75 and 484.80, which cover skilled professional services and home health aide services

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