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This program will be an in-depth look at agencies' client service agreements. These agreements allow an agency to get paid and help protect the agency from liability. They are used in every transaction and are the foundation of an agency's business. This presentation will provide a comprehensive list of provisions to include in the agreements -- including sample language for attendees to use -- as well as problem areas to avoid. The program is very interactive and leaves ample time for audience questions. Course Instructor - Bob King, Esq. Read More

It is critical for agencies to understand the importance of each of these conditions, and the preparation time that will be required in order to be compliant by January 13, 2018! This session will review each of these conditions and give agencies information on how to comply, from policies and procedures, to staff training, EMR or paper document revisions, and qualification changes. Patient Rights will review all of the timepoints needed for each of the areas, such as providing verbal and written notice of rights to patients and patients' representatives. They will also review what written notices should be provided to patients, and the involvement of the patient and patient representative throughout the home care admission. QAPI will review the standards, and give strategies, tips and examples of how to develop and implement your program for compliance and to help your agency achieve great quality and patient outcomes. Infection control condition is sparse, but Sharon will provide you with information on how to develop your policies, complete an infection surveillance form, and perform staff and patient teaching. Finally, Personnel will review the new qualification requirements for administrators and clinical managers. This is a critical session you don’t want to miss as you prepare for our new CoPs! Course Instructor - Sharon M Litwin, RN, BSHS, MHA, HCS-D Read More

The implementation of the new CoPs will prove to be an enormous time and cost burden to your agency. With the CMS push-back to January of 2018, time is clearly on your side. But you cannot afford to wait. Training your agency and getting policies and procedures into place NOW will prove invaluable in preparing for the January implementation date. While care planning and care coordination requirements are at the core of the new CoPs, the entire organization will need re-working. Arlene Maxim and Stefanie Woodrow will guide you through some of the most concerning elements of these new conditions, with focused attention to: · Organization and Administration · Care Planning and Care Coordination · Home Care Aide Requirements Creating an assessment and a plan of care that is unique to the individual patient with limited orders and specific goals will be new territory for agencies. Arlene and Stefanie will provide strategies for communicating with and gathering information from providers in other settings. Course Instructor - Arlene Maxim RN & Stefanie Woodrow​ Read More

This session will provide an update of recent accounting pronouncements that impact the financial statements of home care agencies. Course Authors: Charity Hathorne, Gregg Hathorne Read More

Unlike other Medicare service providers, clinicians in the home health care industry are isolated as they plan care, develop service utilization, and complete documentation. Studies show that a team approach increases job satisfaction and accuracy -- so why aren’t we doing this in the home health care industry? Most agencies have clinicians tied up in a never-ending loop of repeated corrections and returns causing frustration, extra work, after hours documentation, and high turnover. Learn how to develop and utilize OASIS data during the home visit, implement the evidence-based care plan using the referring diagnosis (not the subjective nursing assessment), and bring the claim to a RAP-ready state as the clinician leaves the home. Read More

An applicant to receive a Florida home care agency license must have the financial ability to operate. This session provides the information necessary to correctly and successfully submit a Proof of Financial Ability form to the Agency for Health Care Administration. Read More

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