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This caregiver recruiting and retention crisis is causing major headaches for home care leaders. Today, there is a major crisis facing home care and hospice agencies. There are simply not enough front line caregivers - nurses, therapists, aides, and personal care workers - to meet the huge demands of our aging population and a highly competitive in-home care marketplace. Clients and patients are upset with the lack of dependability and continuity. Caregivers are frustrated and turnover is huge. Schedulers are burning out from the stress. Supervisors and managers are fed-up. Sales people are tentative because they can’t sell services your agency can’t deliver. And providers are losing money because of unfilled shifts, missed visits, and lost patients and clients. All of this leads to increased hassles, stress, and frustration for owners, CEOs, and leaders. If you can’t find and keep caregivers, you can’t serve your clients and grow your agency. It’s as simple as that. Can your agency improve its position amid the current crisis? Do you know where to begin or continue improving? Attend this session to learn strategies to conquer the caregiver recruiting and retention crisis! Course Instructor - Stephen Tweed, BA, MS, CSP Read More

Investigations and lawsuits against home care companies continue to rise, while the new political administration’s policy agenda remains in flux. Join Angelo Spinola from Littler Mendelson, PC to learn more about the new Department of Labor and the pay practices most commonly targeted by lawsuits and government investigations. Then discuss how companies can proactively reduce their risk of liability by formulating a prioritized compliance plan. Read More

Discover how one home health agency, while still cautiously navigating downed powerlines and debris, survived this catastrophic event - rebuilding its vision and renewing its commitment to being a difference-maker in the home health community. Participants will also learn the importance of leveraging resources from peers and third party experts in the field to successfully manage before, during, and after the storm. Read More

This program is the second phase of the educational effort by HCAF and the National Association for Home Care & Hospice to prepare home health care leaders for the brave new world of value-based payment. In 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) initiated a demonstration program testing out the impact of a value-based purchasing program in Medicare home health services. With just over a year of experience in home health value-based purchasing (HHVBP), home health agencies need to evaluate what the early outcomes are and what best practices have emerged to improve HHVBP scores and qualify for bonus payments. This program combines an early data analysis of the changes in HHVBP measured outcomes with real life successes by clinicians and financial operations professionals that show the pathways to improved patient outcomes, higher achievement scores and a winning year in HHVBP. Read More

Medicare margins have increasingly been a subject of consternation by policy makers in recent years. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Medicare Payment Advisory Commission calculate and present margins to Congress year after year, ultimately resulting in reduced reimbursement for providers through cuts and rebasing. How have profit margins been presented historically and more recently? How are they calculated? How have they been driving reimbursement rates? This session is a 'must' for any home health industry professional who wants to understand how Congress reacts to government reports about profit margins. Course Instructor - John M. Reisinger Read More

What does it take to lead a highly successful agency in the ever-changing environment of home care? Beginning in January 2016, Leading Home Care, in collaboration with two national associations and 14 state associations, conducted a major industry study of CEOs in the top tier of home care to explore this question. Over 200 CEOs of the largest agencies completed a detailed leadership assessment. Data from this cutting-edge research was compiled and analyzed to give a clearer picture of successful leadership qualities in the industry. In this interactive presentation, Stephen Tweed will describe for attendees the lessons learned from this study, and will illustrate how you can apply these principles to develop the next generation of leaders in home health care, hospice, and private duty home care. Course Instructor - Stephen C. Tweed, BA, MS, CSP Read More

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