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The 21st Century Cures Act requires that each state providing home care and personal care services funded by Medicaid must implement an Electronic Visit Verification™ (EVV™) solution. The EVV system must be able to verify specific information in order to comply. Sandata has over 22 years of EVV experience, having worked with nine state Medicaid agencies and six national managed care organizations. Attend this session to learn about the various EVV models that can be implemented in Florida and how to start preparing. ​ Course Instructor - Tom Underwood Read More

This presentation will focus on two parts of the audit/surveyor process: the non-clinical aspects of preparing for auditors/surveyors, and clinical preparation. The presentation will use relationship analogies to provide unique preparation techniques that create a positive atmosphere when surveyors visit the agency. ​ Course Instructor - Bonnie Staas, LPN, COS-C, HCS-D & Ian Rowe Read More

Clinical management is one of the most stressful positions in a home health company.   With all the changes in home care, we need to take a moment to "relax and reboot" back into the foundation of managing an agency, since only agencies with good foundations will succeed in the future.  Ensuring that both your internal and external staff is equipped with the tools necessary to provide quality patient care, while still maintaining financial viability, is an art form. Similar to the relaxing effects of coloring, the “Clinical Management: Relax and Reboot” course will teach you to use colorful clinical, financial and compliance management tools while staying within the lines of the new regulations. Learn how to create your agency masterpiece. This course will be suitable for new clinical managers as well as those who need to “relax and reboot” back to day-to-day operations.  Course Instructor - J'non Griffin, RN MHA WCC, HCS-D, HCS-H, HCS-C, COS-C and Christina Crumbley RN, MSN, HCS-D, HCS-O, Greystone Health Network Read More

Home health, private duty, and hospice are the answers that hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and other post-acute care providers need to help patients manage the disease process at home. Learn how to get a seat at the table, how to present your data, and how to establish your agency as the provider of choice.​ Course Instructor - Melanie Stover Read More

The number of certified HHAs decreased last year for the first time since IPS. Private Duty competition intensifies every month. Your survival is not guaranteed, even though there are more elderly Americans than ever. However, there are at least a half dozen tools you should put in place – all of which more than pay for themselves – that will profoundly increase your chances of thriving, no matter what Congress and your competition do. Tim Rowan will explore six new innovative technologies he has found through his work researching and writing Home Care Technology Report. One will protect you from payment denials, ADRs and MAC/ZPIC/RAC takebacks. Another will drastically reduce your hospital readmission rate. A third will solve your F2F problems. Tim will describe these and others in detail, accompanied by instructions on how to use his newsletter to continue researching the dozens he will not have time to cover. Read More

In recent years, the Office of the Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has called for tightened oversight of home health agencies. The implementation of additional sanctions for non-compliance has created a sense of urgency for agencies to develop and implement a compliance program to protect their operations from fraud and abuse. An understanding of the PEPPER report can guide auditing and monitoring activities. Attend this session for a deep dive into the PEPPER report and how it can improve your agency's integrity in the eyes of policy makers. Read More

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