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The most up-to-date information on the ongoing Review Choice Demonstration and managing a plan of care for your outpatients that is effective and compliant.   Course Instructor:  Elizabeth Brogdon, Swandra Miller & Cara Mia Wilkins Read more

We can try to pretend it isn’t going to happen but, like it or not, Medicare’s Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) is coming soon! The phased-in approach has already begun and providers should be taking advantage of the opportunity to begin submitting claims. The states that have gone before us were not given such a tremendous opportunity to test the waters before diving into the deep end of the pool.  This session will review the pre-claim process, including what they’re looking for in the claim, from the provider’s perspective. There will also be opportunity to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly along with lessons learned so far. Attendees of this session will leave with an understanding of the pre-claim process, have a better understanding of operational efficiencies you can implement now to ensure compliance and will have ample opportunity to ask questions.    Course Author: J'non Griffin, RN, WCC, HCS-D, COS-C, Debra Grott, RN COS-C & Kim Wilkerson, LPN  Read more

This fall, connect easily and safely with colleagues in your area from the comfort of your own home or office for your regional Certified District Connection virtual event. Connect with presenters and colleagues from your part of the state face-to-face through a live video platform and get up to speed and in-the-know about the 2021 Medicare Final Rule, the Review Choice Demonstration (RCD), federal and state policy updates, and the latest trends in home health. As the industry continues to navigate the challenges and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), the CY 2021 Home Health Prospective Payment System Rate Update will bring about even more policy changes, but ultimately grants a level of much-needed stability during a chaotic period. During this event, Healthcare Provider Solutions CEO Melinda Gaboury will examine what’s ahead and how to prepare for success with a focus on the Final Rule payment update, including changes to the Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) process effective January 1, 2021. She will also share insights related to the RCD as Florida is currently in a 60-day phased-in approach to implementation, which means that Florida providers could quite possibly find themselves in the throes of mandatory full implementation at the time of these events. Don’t get caught off-guard! Come and learn the latest about the RCD to learn successful practices as well as the pitfalls to avoid as you implement RCD processes within your agency. Additionally, HCAF Executive Director Bobby Lolley and Director of Government Affairs and Communications Kyle Simon will provide timely legislative and regulatory updates and discuss evolving industry trends. Don’t miss this chance to ask questions directly verbally or via the chat box of the presenters and your colleagues. Do you have a specific question or topic that you would like to have discussed among the participants? Please submit it here ahead of time so that we make it part of the agenda. Our hope is to make this an extremely interactive event with robust discussions and helpful answers to your important questions. Participants are strongly encouraged to share their web cameras via Zoom to enhance engagement and interaction, so click here to download your favorite Zoom background to make the right impression with your colleagues! Course Instructor - Melinda Gaboury, Bobby Lolley, and Kyle Simon  Read more

Now that the Medicare Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) phased-in approach has begun, some Florida home health care providers are participating in the pre-claim review (PCR) process. In fact, during last month's RCD webinar 72.44% of attendees stated they planned to gradually increase the claims they submit in order to achieve 100% compliance within the 60 days following the August 31, 2020 start date. As a result, HCAF is now planning biweekly check-up webinars where Florida home health providers can check in and learn about how things are going for those who started the process. Attendees will also hear from industry expert Melinda Gaboury, CEO of Healthcare Provider Solutions, who will provide you with food for thought on key things to consider throughout the RCD implementation process. Additionally, for this session, we will also hear directly from providers who have already successfully implemented RCD in Ohio and Texas. We are excited to welcome guest speakers, Summer Napier, RN, BSN, COS-C, HCS-C, President of Healing Hands Healthcare, LLC from Texas and Neil Golli, Administrator, Always Best Care – Cleveland South from Ohio in addition to Melinda. Sign up to attend today! Benefit from their lessons learned in how they have adjusted their agency operations and take advantage of the opportunity to ask them questions! Whether you have started the process or are waiting to start until it becomes absolutely necessary, now is the time to come together to learn about how to achieve success in this demonstration while minimizing missteps. Course Instructor - Melinda Gaboury, Summer Napier, and Neil Golli  Read more

The Medicare Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) is coming soon! Home health providers must take advantage of the opportunity to begin submitting claims for pre-claim review (PCR). This education program will explore “real world” problems and solutions for PCR preparation and submission, as well as provide insight into the process and strategies from learned experiences of actual PCR submissions via the Palmetto GBA eServices portal. Attend this webinar to obtain a solid understanding of the most common issues that result in partial-/non-affirmations and learn strategies to avoid partial-/non-affirmations once the RCD goes into effect.  Course Instructor - DeAnn Briscoe, BSN, RN, COS-C  Read more

Like every company around the country, Medicare contractors had interruptions in their business due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As the public health emergency rages on and providers grapple with Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) growing pains, Medicare program integrity practices are set to resume this fall — and with more intense scrutiny than ever before.   Are you in-the-know and prepared about what's on Palmetto GBA’s radar?   During this presentation, Home Health Solutions President J'non Griffin will provide a refresher of the various audits and reviews you would be wise to prepare for now. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has hinted about the scope of the Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs) providers can expect over the coming months, which include:   Patient admission source and whether claims accurately reflect a prior inpatient/stay; Telehealth utilization and how it was incorporated into care following CMS waivers due to the pandemic; and, among others, Improper ordering of Medicare home health services by a non-physician practitioner (i.e., nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or physician assistant) — also a pandemic-related waiver — considering that Florida's recent scope of practice expansion for Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners has not yet gone into effect.Before Palmetto GBA starts probing your agency with ADRs and the Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) goes into effect, register now for this timely and topical presentation and get prepared. Course Instructor - J'non Griffin  Read more

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