HCAF: Medicare Advantage: Show Me the Money!

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Course Length
80 mins

Melinda Gaboury



With enrollment doubling in the past few years, Medicare Advantage is becoming the coverage of choice for Medicare-eligible people. Because of this growth, Medicare Advantage has become an integral part of home health care. This session aims to provide participants with strategies for overcoming common problems agencies face when working with Medicare Advantage plans, such as missing authorization deadlines, clean claims denials, billing and payment requirements, and reading, negotiating, and enforcing contractual terms with payers. This session will teach participants how to measure their agency's success or failure in serving Medicare Advantage patients. 


Speaker/Course Author - Melinda Gaboury & Regina Wild


  • Identify common mistakes in the contracting and billing processes of Medicare Advantage.
  • Evaluate how Medicare Advantage process improvements can bring a positive return throughout other payer populations.
  • Devise new processes and KPIs you can implement in your organization to ensure prompt and proper payment.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate (No CE)

HCAF: Medicare Advantage: Show Me the Money!
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