HCAF: The Real Caregiver World: A Glimpse Into the Lives of Those on the Frontlines (SN, OT, ST - 1.5 ACCT - 1.5 BEH)

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Course Length
80 mins

Kristen Wheeler



It is no secret that the workforce shortage in home-based care has reached crisis-level proportions. Despite industry leadership's best efforts, the gap between the number of people needing assistance and the number of workers available to deliver that care is accelerating at an unsustainable pace. In an effort to identify the overarching issues complicating recruitment and retention efforts, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice partnered with Mission Care Collective to produce The State of the Direct Care Workforce, a national study that included data from over 67,000 caregivers, certified nursing assistants, and home health aides. In this groundbreaking study, the first of its kind, seven distinct types of caregiver were identified. This session will teach participants about each of these personas, how to recruit them, and, most importantly, how to tweak your organization's culture to retain them. The final report will be available for download.


The following are some examples of learning objectives to be covered:

  • Hear what is being done on a national level to combat the workforce crisis and how to get involved. 
  • Discover the differences in the people working in care jobs today. 
  • Learn about the various ways to recruit/retain the seven personas of caregivers.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

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HCAF: The Real Caregiver World: A Glimpse Into the Lives of Those on the Frontlines
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