HCAF: Regulatory Overview - Home Health (2 SN, OT, ST CEU)

1 module


Course Length
120 mins

Julia Maroney



The Regulatory Overview course for Clinical Managers is designed to provide an introduction to the key state and federal regulations that Clinical Managers need to be aware of in order to effectively manage clinical operations. This comprehensive course (the Regulatory section from the full Successful Clinical Manager Course) covers topics such as initial survey, CON, compliance, and documentation requirements, as well as an overview of the regulatory environment for home health.

Course participants will understand the responsibilities of clinical managers with regulations and the importance of staying up-to-date with regulatory requirements. The course provides practical guidance on using regulatory resources equipping participants with a solid foundation with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate the complex regulatory landscape.  


Speaker/Course Author - Julia H Maroney RN MHSA 


By the end of this training, attendees will describe the role and responsibility of the clinical manager with state and federal regulations

By the end of the training, attendees will apply the Regulatory Pillars© of knowledge
to their daily job functions and agency work processes.

By the end of this training attendees will demonstrate how to locate and utilize regulatory resources as their guide in managing their team


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

Learning Credits

HCAF: Regulatory Overview - Home Health
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