HCAF: Rev, Rev, Rev Your Revenue Cycle Management for the Year Ahead!

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Course Length
40 mins

Todd Montigney



Happy New Year! With shrinking margins, rising inflation, and increasing payor complexities, now is the perfect time of year to think about shifting the strategic planning of your revenue cycle management into high gear! Let’s hit the track with Todd Montigney of SimiTree and start tracking the revenue for our patients even before the intake process begins, all the way through to the final payment on their accounts. Learn how to keep your eyes on the road and execute and manage all the administrative and operational functions that contribute to the capture and collection of patient revenue. Special insights and cautionary road signs to watch for will be highlighted for each step of the process, making you the champion of collecting all the revenue you are entitled to.


Course Objectives:

  • Staff will understand on their revenue cycle functions impact other departments within the revenue cycle.  
  • Learn how the patient documentation process impacts several areas of the revenue cycle, and ultimately, reimbursement 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate (No CE)

HCAF: Rev, Rev, Rev Your Revenue Cycle Management for the Year Ahead!
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