HCAF: Why Should You Provide Behavioral Health Now (1 SN, ST, OT, PT, ACCT CEU)

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Amy Craven



"COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of mental health services. According to a June 2021 report, 40% of people had mental health or substance abuse problems. Patients/clients receiving home care experienced unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression due to the increased isolation caused by COVID-19. Still more troubling, the suicide rate in many states now exceeds the COVID-19 mortality rate. Over the past two years, COVID-19 quarantines and closures have strained access to mental health services despite the demonstrated need for them.

In this session, we'll discuss why your organization should provide behavioral health services, and how adding this service can assist patients/clients with managing mental health conditions, which can negatively affect their medical comorbidities."


Explain why there is an increase in Behavioral Health issues.

Recognize what the most common mental illnesses your clients may be suffering from.

Describe the overlap between leading home health diagnoses and mental illness.

Review what you need to assess in your clients to determine if they are suffering from mental health issues.

Identify the action steps your agency could take to provide behavioral health services.



By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

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HCAF: Why Should You Provide Behavioral Health Now
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