HCAF: Clinical Management: Relax & Reboot (CEU: SN, OT, ST, PT - 4.5)

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Clinical management is one of the most stressful positions in a home health company.   With all the changes in home care, we need to take a moment to "relax and reboot" back into the foundation of managing an agency, since only agencies with good foundations will succeed in the future.  Ensuring that both your internal and external staff is equipped with the tools necessary to provide quality patient care, while still maintaining financial viability, is an art form. Similar to the relaxing effects of coloring, the “Clinical Management: Relax and Reboot” course will teach you to use colorful clinical, financial and compliance management tools while staying within the lines of the new regulations. Learn how to create your agency masterpiece. This course will be suitable for new clinical managers as well as those who need to “relax and reboot” back to day-to-day operations. 

Course Instructor - J'non Griffin, RN MHA WCC, HCS-D, HCS-H, HCS-C, COS-C and Christina Crumbley RN, MSN, HCS-D, HCS-O, Greystone Health Network

PT credits awarded for course completions are approved for 1 year and expire at the end of the calendar year unless otherwise stated.

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At the end of the presentation the participants will be able to:

To understand the characteristics of a good manager as well as learn topics of employee management to include time management, smart hiring, disciplinary actions and staff oversight (Time to complete: 1 hour)


To learn the importance of effective orientation and competency testing (Time to complete 30 mins) To understand and learn how to achieve the patient centered care concept as well as how to develop a patient centered care plan under the new COPs (Time to complete: 1 hour)


To understand what types of tools and data to monitor for compliance and financial viability of an agency (Time to complete: 30 minutes)


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

Learning Credits

HCAF Course: Clinical Management: Relax & Reboot
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