HCAF: Advocacy Matters: How To Lobby Your Elected Officials

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Have you ever thought about how functional scoring affects your entire agency? A few simple questions can determine how successful your clinical outcomes will be, how you will withstand an ADR, or what your operations will look like. The purpose of this course is to provide insight into the importance of functional scoring within the OASIS and the effect it will have on the agency to include operations, compliance, outcomes, and patient satisfaction. Join Chad Whitefield and Chad Roberts as they discuss the importance of proper scoring and provide unique tools and resources that attendees can easily implement within their agencies.

Course Instructor - Chad Roberts, PT


1. Understand how answering functional questions affects the entire episode
2. Understanding CMS intent regarding how to properly answer Oasis functional questions.
3. Correlating patients balance and fall risk to Oasis Functional questions and outcomes.
4. Understanding CMS definition of "minimal human assistance" and how it differs from the therapy definition of minimal assistance.
5. Understanding how the word "safely" in the Oasis functional questions affects the answer.‚Äč


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

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HCAF Course: Advocacy Matters: How To Lobby Your Elected Officials
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