HCAF: The Secrets to Winning Clients and Caregivers Through Your Agency Website (SN, OT & ST - 1.0)

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Digital marketing isn’t just a trend these days; it’s the way to get your business out in front of your audience. According to recent industry studies, searching online is the #1 way clients find home care agencies today. Getting found, however, is not so easy. How does Google even know your agency has a website? Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential aspect of digital marketing that uses a variety of tactics to help your agency website show up in online searches. SEO is a multilayered strategy that takes commitment, research, and evaluation over time in order to be effective. This webinar will showcase how best to build an ongoing SEO strategy that gets results. Also discussed will be why pay-per-click (PPC) ads are declining in importance and shouldreceive less focus in your marketing campaigns. Due to the increased use of ad blocking technology, which effectively renders your PPC ads invisible, the smart agency owner will focus on SEO versus PPC in 2017.


1. Discover many of the page-ranking factors that affect an agency’s SEO.
2. Learn how to prioritize SEO tasks for best results for your website.
3. Explore how and if social media matters for SEO.
4. Uncover some common myths of SEO.
5. Establish the best way to measure success for your SEO efforts.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

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HCAF Course: The Secrets to Winning Clients and Caregivers Through Your Agency Website
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