HCAF: Pre-Claim Review (PCR): A Step Toward Greater Success!

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Many of us in the home care industry continue to diligently work for a delay or repeal of the Pre-Claim Review Demonstration (PCR). However, as we continue to work toward that goal, providers must also fine-tune internal processes to be spared much of the pain and suffering that has occurred in Illinois.

Before PCR kicks off in Florida on April 1, the Home Care Association of Florida invites Medicare home health care professionals to attend a local, half-day, in-person workshop to get ready for what’s on the horizon.

We cannot stress enough that this program is not an overview and is not for beginners who have not already started to prepare for PCR. This event has been designed to act as a tool for the analysis and tweaking of the processes you have already established.

PCR was created to reduce fraudulent health care expenditures by requiring third-party contractors to ensure claims are valid before submission of final claims. Lack of education for providers and physicians, confusing submission procedures, and administrative burdens have hurt providers and patients alike, yet no evidence supports that the PCR is achieving its goals.

Industry advocates will continue to work feverishly to delay/repeal PCR, but providers cannot be complacent and assume the program will not take effect in Florida on April 1! Join us in March so that you can know without a doubt that you are ready, or learn what needs to be done so that you will achieve affirmation rates greater than 90 percent right from the start!


• This workshop is not for beginners and will be different from previous training sessions. Content will give agencies practical information related to internal processes that have been successful in Illinois.
• This workshop will help shorten the inevitable PCR learning curve and help providers run more smoothly and become more profitable.
• Together, an Illinois provider and a consultant who have worked with a variety of additional Illinois providers will both present and speak to their own real-world experiences, sharing how their best practices helped them survive the PCR rollout and now helps them run their agencies far more efficiently.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

Pre-Claim Review (PCR): A Step Toward Greater Success!
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