Hot Topics in ICD-10-CM Coding (SN, ST, OT - 1.5 CEUs)

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Home Care Essentials



We’ve survived the implementation of ICD-10. But since October we’ve found that there are many things we have to do differently because this is a brand new coding system (code set) for our country. Coding, without all these massive changes, is a very complex topic. Yet even for those of us who tried to prepare for the switch -- there were issues that had not been anticipated. Join Sparkle Sparks in this 90-minute webinar as she shares the most common questions that she’s gotten regarding ICD-10-CM. • Which 7th character should home health use? • How many codes should we be using? • Can we really leave M1025 blank? These questions will be discussed as well as other topics that have bedeviled home health coders both before & after the implementation of ICD-10. As always, Sparkle will provide the sources for her information and strategies to solve common coding problems.

Course Instructor - Sparkle Sparks


Participants will:

1. Understand the criteria for assignment of the 7th character in the Injury & Poisoning Chapter and how this impacts home health reimbursement.

2. Learn how to employ CMS selection criteria in order to have a better understanding of which diagnoses should be included as well as which ones should be excluded on the OASIS.

3.Become familiar with strategies to employ to problem solve common coding problems based on Official Coding Guidelines & Conventions.

4. Realize the limitations of using General Equivalence Mappings to assign codes.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

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Hot Topics in ICD-10-CM Coding
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