Continua Learning: 2 Hour Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorder (2 SN, ST, OT, PT, CNA/HHA CEU)

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Course Length
120 mins

John Ryan



This course offers a comprehensive lesson on working with Alzheimer's Patients and is approved to satisfy Florida’s 2 hour Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorder requirement. This course is approved for 2 SN, ST, OT, PT CEUs. This course may also serve as a good refresher course for any clinical or administrative personnel that might interact with individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and related Disorders. This course was written by John S. Ryan.

This training program has been approved by the Department of Elder Affairs and is in compliance with 400.4785(1)(f), F.S., and Rule 58A-8.001 and 58A.8.002, F.A.C. DOEA curriculum approval number is HH AD 9893 and the expiration date is 04/22/2025.

This course is offered by the Home Care Association of Florida and Department of Elder Affairs approved trainer, John S. Ryan, approval number is #2812.


PT credits awarded for course completions are approved for 1 year and expire at the end of the calendar year unless otherwise stated.

For a complete list of courses offering PT credits for this year, click here.


The objectives for this course are:

  1. Define Dementia and differentiate it from Delirium.
  2. Define Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).
  3. Recognize the impact of Alzheimer’s Disease  and Related Disorders (ADRD) on American families and the economic impact.
  4. Identify the stages of AD and their relationship to the overall progression of the disease.
  5. Discuss the reasons for communication failures when dealing with patients/clients with ADRD.
  6. Identify communication difficulties they may encounter when caring for patients/clients with ADRD.
  7. Discuss causes of problem behavior in your patients with ADRD.
  8. List 5 things to encourage independence for each of the ADL’s of eating, dressing and bathing.
  9. Learn safe activities for your and your patient.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Alzheimer's Certificate

Learning Credits

HCAF 2 Hour Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
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