HCAF: PDGM - Past, Present & Future (SN, OT, ST - 3 CEU & ACCT - 3)

1 module


Course Length
165 mins

Melinda Gaboury



Crazy to realize that PDGM has a past! What has been learned through implementation of PDGM, what are we currently dealing with and what do we have to look forward to? This session will take agencies through statistics from the past, evaluate the implemenation of the NoPay RAP, review details of the 2022 Proposed Rule, discuss the new COVID-19 diagnoses and discuss the details of the Notice of Admission coming swiftly!

Speakers/Course Authors - Melinda Gaboury


Attendees of this workshop will: 

Outline how agencies will need to consider process changes in their revenue cycle as a result of PDGM.
Detail potential strategies for process revisions and adjustments to achieve a successful revenue cycle transition under PDGM.
List the  billing process changes required by PDGM.
Analyze the results of the NO Pay RAP implementation for 2021.Detail the requirements for the Notice of Admission in 2022.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

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HCAF: PDGM - Past, Present & Future
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Added 11 months ago, by Vicki
excellent course, very long, but good.

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