Women Working for Retirement (SN, OT, ST - 1.0 CEU & ACCT - 1.0 BEH)

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Course Length
50 mins

Jeanne Tyre



Discussion about Women and Retirement. We’ll talk about the challenges women face. How to plan for a more financially secure retirement. What you should do right now. And we’ll save some time at the end for questions.  I would also like to add to the presentation a Case Study about why having a good retirement plan helps attract, retain and education employees on saving for their retirement.  I have spoken with Linda Ward President & CEO of Gulfside Healthcare Services and she has agreed to co-present with me and use Gulfside Healthcare Services as our Case Study. 

Speakers/Course Authors - Jeanne Tyre & Linda Ward 


Attendees of this workshop will learn about: 

  1. Challenges for Women, Working with a Retirement Calculator.
  2. Maximizing your opportunities to save and invest.
  3. Additional Ways to Save.
  4. How Mutual of America helped Gulfside Healthcare Service with there retirement plan needs


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate

Learning Credits

HCAF: Women Working for Retirement
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