BayCare Home Care’s Telehealth and RPM Key Learnings (SN, OT, ST - 1.0 CEU & ACCT - 1)

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42 mins

Aaron Timmer



During the webinar, BayCare Home Care will discuss how they launched a telehealth program during the public health emergency, how they’ve expanded it since launch, and what their goals are for the future of their program. Relevant to those new to telehealth, or who are telehealth champions, the speakers will discuss many important areas including patient eligibility and enrollment, patient discharge, goal setting, outcomes evaluation, scaling, reimbursement, and patient and clinician education. They’ll discuss what the future has to hold for telehealth and RPM beyond COVID-19 - from monitoring patients in a home health and hospice setting to supporting new patient populations across various disease conditions. 


Speakers/Course Authors - Will Ashton & Kelly Pollard 


1. Addressing the daily challenges regarding telehealth - for clinicians and patients
2. How providers can benefit from reimbursement options surrounding telehealth and RPM programs
3. The role that telehealth and RPM plays throughout the care management and recovery of COVID-19.
4. How to effectively leverage telehealth and RPM as tools to reduce costs, lower hospitalization rates, and increase patient satisfaction with continuity of care
5. Determining when to expand your telehealth program

BayCare Home Care’s Telehealth and RPM Key Learnings
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