Tech Titans Join Forces to Tackle Post Acute Challenges

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Kristen Duell



As the post-acute health care industry’s premier solutions for enterprise medical record, training and education, and human capital management, KanTime, Nevvon, and Viventium together solve talent/retention and compliance issues as well as the continued challenges that COVID-19 has presented to our industry. 


Course Author: James Cohen, Kristen Duell, Kim Spence, Malka Trump, Terra Vicario 


In this webinar, we cover the rules, regulations, programs, and compliance issues you need to know about so your organization can continue to thrive amidst these challenging times, including:

Many of the regulatory battles taking place, such as emergency preparedness plans and policies, COVID-19, telehealth, and more;
Trends in training regulations, EVV training requirements, and hybrid training to help with recruitment and retention;
Everyday compliance challenges facing the home care industry and tips on how to meet these challenges; and
The latest in COVID-19-related compliance provisions that are key to outlasting the pandemic.
View this webinar and ensure that your clients and caregivers have everything they need in another year of uncharted waters.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate HCAF Course Certificate (No CE)

Tech Titans Join Forces to Tackle Post Acute Challenges
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